Mono red and jean

This is my current mono red team, does jean Francois have enough juice to take the place of anyone?

Looks to me like he would be the most natural replacement for grazul. You have the healing from Anzogh, and JF would defend against any negative defense down just like Grazul does. You would be giving up a little healing and immunity to status effects other than defense down for JF’s damage.

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JF clashes with mitsuko. Her reflect damage will be reduced to :poop: JF gives your heroes 94% defense to ice. Shouldn’t use them both on the same team.


I don’t think that’s right. The reflect should go into effect prior to JF’s damage reduction.

How do you figure?? The reflect is based on how much damage your hero’s would receive. Except they don’t receive it because they reflect the damage back to the blue hero that fired. The 94% defense will reduce the damage to the point of Magni not even killing himself. It’s like taking titanium shields to a rare titan, you use 1* heroes and 1* troops because the titan is taking damage based on how much damage it would be inflicting if only it wasn’t being reflected back.

When you fire someone like frida or Sonya who have the dispel ability, they don’t dispel mitsuko’s reflect. Instead, the special is reflected back. This suggests the reflect takes effect before hitting the enemy, and before JF’s ice shield would lessen the damage.

Have you tested the reflect with both heroes active? I can’t say that I have, so I could be wrong. Just seems to me that reflect would take effect first.

Mr. Fireball for Anz or Marja depending on the opponent.

It’s because the order of effect on Frida or sonya is “deals x damage” THEN it dispells. So the blue reflect gets them before they dispell it. But any reflect damage that is done is based on how much damage the reflect defender would’ve taken. The ice defense will clash with mitsuko ability, I promise.

Split and make two teams. Add BT, Falcons and Wilbur or Gormek to supplement.

Here are pics of mine:

I had same theory and tested it…not a noticeable clash!

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Lol it’s not a big deal
And you people forgot 44% from Anzog. :blush:

I appreciate your thinking but a 3700 mono team gets demolished fighting these 4600 and higher teams in war you see these days.

It’s funny how much hate he gets and still he’s good enough that he belongs in a stack over some others.
I’ll give him a try. Thank you

It clashes :(. Just tested it against a kirin from level 10 S2. Reflected damaged is reduced to almost half with JF’s buff on.

JF is good but he’s not good paired with mitsuko. You would put them on separate teams if you were doing things correctly. They both protect you from obnoxious finley wings, but they don’t work best on the same team.

You’d be surprised at the synergy of that team. They all hit three and are average speed so they charge at once.

BT attack up then, Gormek defense down, Falcon elemental defense down, Scarlett then Mitsuko = 3 dead heroes and plenty of ghosting lanes to repeat.

Shot selection is key when facing higher teams and I run my bigger red mono on the 4600TP teams and use the little red on lessor teams or cleans.

I’d squeeze Wilbur (+18 at least) in there, if available. Swap for Grazul. Imagine Zim + Wilbur + Anzog… Brutal… Sometimes a well placed key 4* is worth far more than a 5*.

That first team of mine evaporates oppositions with a combo of specials and tiles. The just disappear in a flurry of numbers.

Red mono tends to do that… Here’s mine. Kills 4600 teams like flyes.

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Honestly from what you have there … I would consider making two teams of three with your reds. If you level JF just grab yourself a falcon( not hard to get from Teltoc). Zim and Anzogh hit multiple JF and Grazul restrict the other team.

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