Jean Francois or Grazul?

Hi. As the title suggests… which one should i ascend first? And how could I use JF/Grazul best?

I already have
Mother north4/65

Other 5* that i have are:
Richard costume

Marjana and Jean’s burn will overwrite each other. I’d go Grazul in this case because of that unless you were going to use them on different teams. Grazul is awesome offensively (not as good defensively as her special can be waited out).


I’d go healer (Grazul) first. And it looks like you’re still relatively new in the game, so getting a red mana troop to level 11 to charge Grazul in 6 tiles (or 3 tiles hitting no-one) should be within reach or already available.

Grazul is great on offense to avoid all the negative effects you might be facing (burns, blinds, defense down, etc.).


I’d like to keep a close eye on this thread, as I’ve faced this same issue too and am still going back and forth on who to ascend , especially now that I have 6 rings again :thinking: I’m tending to lean towards Grazul, though, as I already have three burners :sweat_smile: (althoughhhh… now that I think about it, maybe I should make a ‘burn’ defense team for raid, haha!)

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I have a red mana troop. Really happy with how it works with kageburado. But i put in grazul into my team, what would be the best team for offense/defence?

It really depends on your whole roster. I suspect you have more than the ones you’ve listed so far.

Typically on offense, you stack at least three heroes of the same color, so tiles of that color hit the defense harder and you can kill the tank, then you bring in support heroes. Grazul is great as a support hero by providing some healing and avoiding the negative status effects at very fast mana speed.

On defense, Grazul is decent, especially at what I think your level may be. The only problem could be that Marjana is already a top hero for defense and you usually want to avoid doubling any color on your defense.

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