JF or Elena

I pulled jf today along with mighty carver.my other 5* reds maxed are Marjana and Red Hood

Up to you.

Elena is good for stacking and against green titans.

JF is the HOTM.

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JF’s 94% defense against Ice for all allies is a nice Fire mono defensive set especially since you already have Marjana and Red Hood to add to the terror. JF does do burn damage to all enemies, but he also turns the tide on enemies that try to inflict any sort of Defense Down ailment against your allies by altering the Defense Down to +46% Defense Up for all allies.

Elena is good for attacking and guarding with counterattack.

But my vote goes to Jean-Francois.

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JF it is thank u very much

Speaking of which, I implemented Jean-Francois in my Trials of Mysticism attack team, and he proved to be a real pain in the @$$ for Ulmer. Ulmer was already slow on mana build up, but to have his Defense Down special skill reversed to a Defense Up with the added 94% defense against Ice from JF, it was really nice for me.


I’m going with Elena because I have her costume and based on my (relatively big) roster, she has a clear usage (tile damage). JF doesn’t really fit in any of my teams (I do have one GM maxed).

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Mitsuko is so much better for all those Ulmers, Isarnias, Finleys etc.

She ain’t easy to get though.


Just pulled Elena through Vahalla (irony, I know).
I already have JF in my rooster, he is also in my main team. By far, I am satisfied with what JF does, but Elena looks kind of cool too. Should I replace Elena for JF or should I just keep him like that?

JF is faster mana, beefier and is useful against defence droppers (Kunch, etc).
DoT is useful too, especially if you don’t have GM to conflict with.

I’d carry on with him.


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