Mok-arr, Zulag or wait?

I have great reds and greens, some okay blues and yellows, but horrible purple heroes. They always escape me. I’ve had Mok-arr long before the buff/changes at 1/1. I just got Zulag. My only purple 5* I have leveled are Boss Wolf, Domitia and Sartana.

I’m going to take them both to 3/70 probably but I’m curious what others think. Neither will be on my defense, this is just for raids, wars and tournaments with yellow tanks mostly.

Right now I bring cRigard, Proteus with emblems and Sartana along with Zimkitha and GM.

Thoughts on Mok or Zulag for this use?

My leveled purple 4* and above attached.


My purple bench:

I have a mokarr at 4/80 but never use him i have much faster harder hitting heroes - 2 seshats, sartana, kageburado, guardian panther, etc etc

Just got zulag but he doesnt seem a whole better than aeron…i would wait

I love my Mok-Arr…

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I would go with Mok since you have costumed Tiburtus.

cTiburtus → Mok-Arr sounds like a pretty good combo to me.


Add costume rigard into that mix aswell rigard tibs mok it’s damage.
Iv maxed the shark and I do like using him I may emblem him at some point.
His good with others aswell put a wilbur in that mix hit wonderful feast, hit black tide even dark hero’s get hit as it shared damage. People underestimated the shark.
@BubblesUK uses alot he can give you good advice


Yes, Mok-Arr plus tibs plus cRigard makes a powerful combo. If you have Rigard already, Zulag doesn’t add much, if anything, because she’s just buffing 3, not all.


When it comes to offense, this is one occasion I will choose the Shark when compared to Zul, I also echo the statements of other posters, if she buffs the entire team she would have had the edge, but as she is , C-Rig does the job even better.

In a way, facing similar situation…I will choose Mok-ar for his hard hitting AOE when enemies defs are down.

Thanks all. Going with Mok right now unless a better one drops in my list with Morlovia

Just got Victor, I think Mok will stay at 3-70 and Victor will get the Tabards. I know Victor is not groundbreaking but that very fast defense boost could buy time in raids for cRigard to charge.