Mok-Arr - My first 5* hero

I didn’t expect Atlantis to have Alberich and Hel, so I tried to get one of them with both gems and atlantis coins. The pulls gave me some 4* heroes I needed, such as Rigard, Wilbur and Boldtusk (who I started to level up ASAP since I didn’t have any 4* healer). I also got Sonya and Triton again but I guess I have enough 4* blues. But the one I didn’t want to get at all, appeared. What should I do with Mok-Arr? I will keep him for now (because anyway you don’t get a 5* that easily and i don’t have TC20 yet) but I don’t know if it is worth it to start working on him or Rigard is more useful at this point.

Other 4* fully ascended are Cyprian, Sonya, Triton, Agwe and Scarlett. Skittleskull is at 3/60 and I don’t think I will level him up further since I have Scarlett for the same purpose of attack reduction and since both oh them will probably die at first, at least Scarlett is fast mana.

I truly appreciate your advice

Rigard is one of the best heroes, he’s a priority hero to level and even level more than one. I do like mok ar though, he’s cool when you’re stacking purple against a yellow titan.

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Later in the game he will be handy in a niche role, but leave him unlevelled for now and train Rigard, who is an important hero to have.

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Rigard is one of the best healers around and will serve you well even when you have a couple of 5* teams maxed. As you are lacking in healers, I would recommend levelling him up as well. You’ll need 6 teams for war so go with healers whenever possible.

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Welcome to the club pal. When i was pulling for Tarlak i got Mok-arr, when i pulled now for Alberich i got Atomos. Both are among the worst 5* of the game and i really dont understand why did they make a rare hero so utterly useless. Leave that shark where it is, it doesnt have a role, he fits nowhere. He would have some potencial but dealing extra dmg to holy allies also and not being able to hit purple enemies cripples him.

He definitely has a role. It’s on a purple team. Just don’t attack purple heroes with him and don’t use yellow heroes on your team when you use him. But against a holy titan, he’s really good in a purple stack. That’s what he was made for. There’s also the interaction with khiona buffing heroes based on how much they get hit, Wilbur sharing all damage your allies receive, and mok ar dealing a small amount of damage to your team. so let’s say you attack a yellow titan with like mok ar, Khiona, Wilbur and then like Rigard and Wu kong or something just as an example. you can mana your heroes up, and with 2 non purple heroes on your team I believe that counts as 10 hits towards khiona’s buff with Wilbur active, buffing your heroes attack massively. Fire off a chain of purple tiles with khiona attack buff at max and Wu Kong attack buff active, you’re dealing massive damage. And your Wu kong won’t take much damage from mok ar due to Wilbur sharing damage across your heroes. Rigard can heal anyways.


I wouldn’t give him any trap tools at your current progress. Stick to the 4* for now. Rigard is awesome.

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If he is for titans then why is he AoE? I assume you think he would be good against a yellow titan, well because of his extra dmg against yellow he would deal 405% dmg on an avg speed while hurting allies, especially WuKong who is very fragile anyways. 405% dmg on avg speed for such a sacrifice? Im simply better off using lianna, joon or any fast snipers. They can do more dmg, faster without any negative effects on the team oh and they can do it on every color not just yellow. Also what you suggest simply does not work on high tier titans, because there it can easily oneshot a 4* so using 2 4s just to make a single 5 some what useful is too big of a sacrifice. Oh and forgot to mention that he is a rare S2 hero, not a tc20 one. His use is very limited and even in those cases the regular tc20 snipers do better. Thats why i say he is useless and does not have a role. And even if he were very good against a yellow titan why would i max a 5* that is only for yellow titans? Simply too situational to worth the mats. There are no other hero who makes you make such a sacrifice when firing his special and for that sacrifice you dont really get anything good. There are some heroes who can back fire or has some negative side of their SS but they always do it to themselves only, not the whole team. Dealing dmg to the whole team is a very big tactical sacrifice and he simply cannot do anything that would worth that sacrifice and the mats of course.

He can’t be for titans…he destroys his own teammate and Titan essential: Wu Kong!!!

I use Wu kong on 12* titans and he does his job just fine without me worrying about him. Just use axes or bombs with turtle banners. He can survive a hit, if he gets hit. Mana potions work nicely. I’m not concerned about the small amount of damage mok ar would do to Wu kong with Wilbur’s buff active. So two points to address “if mok Ar is for titans why is he AOE” well if you want to stack mono purple in legendary tier of event, that’s a place for him. He could be useful in raids too, lots of yellow tanks. People are stacking purple against Delilah or Guin or Justice or drake anyways. He is nice for the team. He’s meant for a purple stack team, that’s his job. The other thing to address is “bringing 4* heroes to a titan battle instead of using Lianna” what kills titans is tiles. Lianna doesn’t hit titans very hard and her special doesn’t help your team. She’s decent against blue titans but that is the only titan you should really be using her… against a holy titan, Wilbur is absolutely better as he increases your teams survivabilty and gives the titan a -44% defense debuff which will help your purple tiles immensely. Yes mok Ar is a niche hero but saying he’s useless is very close minded. Now Thorne, that’s a useless hero. He’s just a placeholder hero. Tanky blue, whatever. Doesn’t do anything. Mok Ar is a beast at what he does.

  1. Titans: There are quite a few purple 5s in the game so i still don’t know why should i give him 6 tabards if i can use other purple 5s who are useful in other situations as well. A hero that can be only good when the whole team is compiled just to assist him and needs the spam of craftables is called a bad hero. His SS is simply garbage in most of the situations and he does not worth the mats because of his attack stat only
  2. Events: Legendary tier is not that hard to complete and using a 5stack is not reliable. You could say that he would be good against guin in the avalon quest, but the problem is against Guin, pumping constantly proteus with mana potions simply works better. Even in the last stage I could kill all bosses without either of them firing. And also why would i level a hero that is only good in one situation?
  3. Conclusion: I say useless because he can only do well, against a very specific enemy type, with a very specific team setup and very specific boards. He is a one-trick pony, and thats ok, because we have some heroes like this (like Guin, she is also one). But his “trick” requires a great sacrifice of flexibility and needs a lot of luck. And that would be ok if his “trick” was something really powerful, but its not, i wouldn’t even say that its good. His “trick” is not good enough to worth the mats, the hp and flexibility sacrifice and the fact that he cannot hit purple enemies. If a hero can only do good in 5% of the situations i expect it to do exceptionally well, but he simply does not, not even close.

That’s not what I said. I didn’t say “complete” legendary tier, I said “compete in” legendary tier, using a purple stack. Nah he’s not the FIRST 5* purple I’d recommend to level but he’s definitely worth leveling at some point. And I didn’t mention Guin for the event, I meant Guin in raids. When you’re in diamond tier, like half of the teams you’re given to attack are yellow tank and half of those are Guin. Which people are stacking purple against, and mok Ar is a nice addition to the team in that situation. I’m not over here trying to say mok Ar is the best hero in the game I’m saying that he has a role, in a purple team. Yeah level other purples first because he’s kind of an endgame hero, and he’s really good at what he does; when you get there.

Actually I guess I didn’t specify “compete” to “complete” event but that’s what I meant by taking a purple stack to an event. For competing. Mono teams win events.

I did a little experimenting and rolled some opponents to see what heroes would the shark encounter. An the sad thing is that i found only 1 team that did not have a purple hero. There are too many very good purples like : Panther, Sartana, Kage, Kunchen, Khiona,Victor, or Aeron, Hel or even Rigard. And using the shark against a team where in the setup there is a purple is simply bad idea because he loses 20% of his hitting potential per purple enemy. So in raids there are very few occasions where he does the full AoE, he would mostly hit 4 enemies only. And that trick does not worth the mats nor all the sacrifices. I don’t say that he cannot do decent when his stars are aligned, but those cases are simply minuscule compared to the cases where he simply performs bad. Thats why i say that in this meta, he is useless.

I still disagree that he’s useless though… if you attack a yellow tank like Delilah or Guin, and they have a purple on defense like Sartana or Kage, yeah mok Ar won’t deal damage to that hero but at average mana he hits everyone else and it’s a solid hit. When you stack a color, their mana usually charges all at once; like use your other purple specials to hit the purple hero that mok can’t get… he can get everyone else. Imagine a mono purple team against Guin. Just pick any 5 purple heroes with mok involved. Do you think you can’t kill the purple hero because mok won’t hit them…? I don’t even understand what you’re trying to say. It really seems like splitting hairs. Like you just made an initial reaction to the hero and can’t change your mind. It’s probably because you’re lacking materials and or 5* purples and you’re mad for whatever reason about the hero design. Sorry that mok inconvenienced you somehow. He’s dope for a purple team :man_shrugging:

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We are back where we’ve begun. Mono teams are not meta, the boards usually suck for even a 3stack and giving 6 tabards for a hero that could only do well in a mono team is a waste of mats. Actually i could max him if I wanted, but I will give my tabards to Domitia, because she can be useful in more than 5% of the situations. Thats the thing with mok, he sucks because he is simply too situational to be used effectively. Too much sacrifice for too little return. You can give your tabards to him if you think he is worth it, but IMO he is a waste of mats in his current state.

If you think mono team isn’t meta, I can’t even talk to you. You’re just not on my same level.

Rigard all the week and twice on saturday.

WOW, buddy, just wow. Is your mom proud of you that you are this awesome of a person?

Bruh you said “boards suck even for a 3 stack” that tells me you aren’t hitting tough teams. It also says “I hit titans with rainbow teams durrrrrr” soo…