Mitsuko or Magni as tank?

Hi there, curently Im running this def team but thinking about change spot on Magni and Mitsuko .

Input please…!

Mitsuko is definitely better suited for the tank position than Magni. Both are great heroes, but Magni has very low defense, while Mitsuko has better defense and has a special that is highly useful defensively.


Probably Leo for the self heal, none of those are ideal tanks.
Since you’re not red heavy on defence, not many people are gonna be stacking a lot of blue offence against you so Mits isn’t great anywhere, if you have another red you can sub in.

Always look at this before using the tank

Not always, in my situation Isarnia(655 def) is much better as a tank than my MN(817 def) or my Mariana(712 when she get max)

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I got the rings to advance Mitsuko ,but does’nt know If she’s the one… Have Azlar, thats about It… So wait for someone else?

I just started working on Sartana and also got delilah ,so they will take place when done with them…

Mitsuko is awesome, she is really good on defence and powerfull on raids/wars, you should watch some Dator vids on YT, war hits with her look awesome


@Hemvist I agree that Mitsuko is your best tank option of the heroes shown.
This is my current defense holding around 2600 cups. I will usually recommend having Magni on the flank though :grin:


Have you run that team with Magni swapped with Zeline? Wondering the success rate difference.

Why do you think that this would be a big difference?

@Rduke77 Not in this set-up with Mitsuko tank.
@Olmor Magni is best for flank as he gives 63% defense to nearby. I prefer Zeline on flank as well. On the wing it will often be to late she fires to reduce the attack and dispel buffs.
I am not having the very best options for wing heroes, but often test different defenses and order of heroes. Maybe I will try swapping Zeline and Magni next time? :blush:

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Mitsuko is the best tsnknof that bunch IFF she’s 80. if left at 70 she’s bad. Of the 5 shown on screen currently tank with Leo.

IFF = if and only if.

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