Help to build a war def team around Mitsuko


I was lucky enough to pull Mitsuko recently and because my alliance uses red tanks in the war teams I was thinking to use her as a tank. The flanks are not decided yet. The problem is that I have no idea how to build a team around her.
My current team (from left to right) Rigard, Boril, Gormek, Melendor, Jackal. Only Rigard and Melendor are maxed the rest of the team are only 4/34 and above.

I have some summon-only four stars flank candidates:
Jack O’Rabbit
Merlin (eh)
Ameonna (eh 2.0)

Some classic four stars I have as candidates:
2nd Melendor
Li Xiu
Little John
Every classic red 4*

I have Magni, Sumitomo, Khagan and Marjana but Magni is too far away from being levelled and I do nit want to double the tanks colour.

Do you think that a Caedmon-Gadeirus flank duo could work? (so Rigard the only heal-all)
What about a glass-cannon Melendor?
Li Xiu + Proteus flank? But then Rigard and Jackal are out…
I’m not sure…

How would you build the best defense team out of this roster?
What four star heroes should I aim to pull? I’m not spending a lot but a 10 pull is acceptable.
I would also like to know how would you beat a team like that?

Thanks for every help!

Caedmon - Kiril - Mitsuko - Proteus - Chao

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So no green flank?
I do not know how this works…

So you say that I should focus on the mana-cut, dispell instead of the colour weakness by using green flanks?

Do you think one half-healer is enough to keep the team intact?

Yes, in the end it’s all up to Mitsuko and other mana controllers… they seems to be your best pick.

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Double green flanks with Mits tank invites your attacker to go heavy in red, as many people leave out blue when attacking her.

The setup @FraVit93 suggested is good, an alternative could be Kiril-Li-Mits-Tibs-Caed. I’d prefer Mel as corner healer and a blue sniper though.

Caedmon, Proteus, Mitsuko, Li Xiu, Rigard

Dispell, Mana freeze and Dot, Mana cut and splash damage, Mana cut AoE, cleanse and big heal.

If you find Proteus lacking on defense you can go Merlin. In either scenario you’re really screwing the attack of the enemy with the mana controllers which buys you time in the war scenario. Time is on the side of the defender as the arrow barrage wears them down or the field aid heals them up. For the attack boost the impact is more immediate.

I would go to:

Boldtusk - Jack O’hare - Mitsuko - Gadeirus - Guardian Jackal

Due to the presence of BT, the attacker would definitely think twice of bringing monoreds and instead get their blues to immediately dispose of Mits and the orc healer. As such, you let Mitsuko do her own thing against blue attackers. Even if the enemy brings monoreds, they cannot kill a maxed Mitsuko with 3 tiles, which later on allows her to do some damage and reduce mana to 3 targets.

This is more complicated than I thought…

What about flanking her with Miki?

Something like Rigard, Li, Mitsuko, Miki, Proteus… So even if the attacker brings dispeller(s) it’s pretty likely it/they will be hit by one of the mana reducer by the time Miki uses his skill. This would perhaps solve the team’s weakness: lack of damage…

What do you think?

Rigard - Gormek - Mitsuko - BT - Colen

4:1 def team?

This would punish a blue stack with bad board beyond imagination… My Colen is still a baby but I think he is the easiest to replace by a hitter or a “screwer” like Jackal, Proteus or Li Xiu… interesting idea not less… Thanks I will think some more about this…

I really have to start thinking out of the box…

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Extremely fun. Try it and you will the results.

Ehm how can a defense team be fun?

Or have you been talking about attacking a def team with Mitsuko?

Sorry but I think I have missed something…

Nope. It’s what I call a troll defense. I dislike having a defense where no one attacks.

A 4-1 defense would attract many attackers. Winning with such a defense is nice to see. Do note you will probably lose more cups.

I think the OP is planning their war def though…

Wouldn’t do that setup for war def. The alliance I’m in did a mono def war for funs, and our lovely opponent jumped onboard and went mono too. Hilarious but I’ve never seen so many oneshots.

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For war depends.

Most mono defense will lose more than not. But Mitsuko as tank is as unique as it gets.

Having that 4-1 defense ain’t bad. Will probably more during the first round but not unlikely after refreshed.

So I’m lost again…

I’m asking only about war defense…

So by using Mitsuko I will not contribute to deplete the opponent’s blue heroes?

I would like to be a nightmare for “them” but if they can mono-red-oneshot me I do not do my job properly…

So the question is still :slight_smile:

Should I use her as a blue-repellent or as an anti-special skill…

I’m sorry but her skill setup makes me a bit lost as I do not know how to use her as a tank…

It would depend on the level and refinement of the opponent of course, but it’s a very very risky def for war.

In war with coordinated tanks you stack after either flanks or skill sets or both. Mono makes that way too easy (well, 4+1 but effectively mono as the off colour is a healer).

She’s a good tank! Inexperienced opponents might go blue on her. Not coordinating her flanks makes it harder to stack for them, especially if they’re yellow and dark. Keeping the mana cut pressure up is also good, with Proteus and/or Li. I think you’ll do fine with her :).

The answer is yes. Use more reds to force the opponent to stack heavy blue.

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But if the attacker uses Blue attackers Gadeirus and for example Jackal behind him would cause havok!

I’m so out if this league… I have to understand synergies

Thank you for all of your help so far and keep sieged me with more

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