Ideas For 5* Defense

So I just finished Kunchen and need advice on what You guys and gals would set up as a defense. I would of said Ladies and Gentlemen but “gentlemen” would have eliminated to many good players. :rofl: Thanks in advance for the help.


MN-Zim-Kunchen-Rana-Magni or MN-Zim-Kunchen-Magni-Rana.

On the one hand, Rana is average and should be a flank, not a wing. On the other hand, if Magni is in the corner, one fewer hero would be protected by his defence buff.

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Mother North, Zim, Kunchen, Rana, Magni. You lose a little with Magni on the wing since he can only buff defense for two from there, but I think you are better off with Rana next to the purple tank, especially since she is only average speed.

Alternatively, if you need a yellow tank you could go Mother North, Zim, Guin, Khiona, Magni. I like the former option more, but you don’t have to split emblems between anybody with the second.

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There’s endless possibilities. Your best tanks are Kunchen, Aegir or Guin.


For war you’ll probably want MN

I dunno there’s almost too many to consider

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Would MN-Kunchen-Guin-Thoth-Wilbur be any good? It’s an extremely passive setup but I’d reroll :joy:

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Definitely kind of strange to have a problem picking a tank.
I have lots of healing but also need some fire power.

Funny how certain players get certain heroes but miss out on a few that would complete things perfectly.
I am surely not complaining.
But my situation definitely is perplexing.

I do like the fire power in this line up
but worry a little bit about the lack of healing.
Thanks for your input though.

Thanks for your input.
I kind of feel like no matter what I do I’m leaving to good of a hero out of the mix.
I’m not really concerned about losing cups because I can get them back ,so I might just have to experiment and see which defense seems to hold the best.
For war we run either a dark tank flanked by holy or vice a versa so that will be a little easier.
Some might say that leveling Kunchen was overkill but it will be nice to have the extra healers for war.

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