Mitsuko or Grazul?

Debating which of these to ascend. Neither will get emblems (Ursena will get sorcerer, Ariel cleric). The hero will be in my defense team for a little bit as a flank to Guin until said Ursena is leveled, so it’s going to be mostly for offense.

I’m kind of intrigued by putting Mitsuko next to Guin. Two mana cuts could be pretty cool, but at the same time not sure.

For context defense is Finley - Seshat - Guin - xxxx Kingston. And yes, I know Seshat and Finley aren’t great together because of her dispel, but it’s still the best I have for now.

You have Guin, then I would recommend upping Grazul.

Mitsuko is mainly for tank on defense. On offense she is great as her mana cut can save you but Grazul can save a whole team.

So Grazul first then Mitsuko.

I use both in my red stack.

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In my honest opinion, it would have to be Grazul first

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I vote for Mitsuko because you already have a better 5* healer than Grazul - Ariel. Mitsuko will bring something new to the table and will help you with all the powerful blue heroes out there.

Also, Finley-Seshat-Guin-Mitsuko-Kingston is a better defence team than Finley-Seshat-Guin-Grazul-Kingston. The second one is too defensive with 2 healers, imho.

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I took both up to 80. My vote is Grazul, I use her constantly, whereas Mitsuko is more of a specialist for dealing with Alasie or Isarnia wings in war/raids.

Grazul makes the following heroes completely feckless - Morgan le Fay (Hilarious when she hits now), Proteus, CC

She also greatly diminishes the effectiveness of the following heroes - Hel, Azlar, Zeline, Gravemaker, Santa Claus, Horghall, Drake, Onatel, Rana, Victor, Colen, ALL of the elemental debuffers (Evelyn, Frida, Panther), etc, etc.

Her heal isn’t gigantic, but paired with Zimkitty they can keep a red dominant team alive and clean for a long time.


I’ve paired her with every healer i have(which is almost all created) and havent found a bad pairing yet. She’s pretty solid. Grazul that is.
Mits is bit underwhelming, i use her for the mana cut but not nearly as often as i use grazul. I do agree mits > grazul in defense but offense is your money maker


I like mitsuko better. My favorite thing about her is you can stack 3/2 against their purple tank, green flank or whatever and mitsuko doubles as a blue defender killer. You kill the green defender with tile damage, charging her special and then you dump dead tiles at the blue defender to charge it’s special which she makes kill itself. Red is not lacking in healers, mitsuko mana cut and blue reflect is good utility.

Zim and Grazul work amazingly together, love them and she’s :honeybee: a game changer for me

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Yes…mitsuko is finleys nemesis.