What do you think about this team?

Got alooot of new heroes this month and i want to rebuild my def team since my current team is very hight on healers!

What do you think about this team?

Is Wizard, Cleric, Sourcer, Fighter, Druid class

My Current team is Alby, Ursena, Guin, Mitsuko, Ariel… all of them are Max +7/8.
Keeps me at Diamond but thats not the point here.

Thanks for any advice!

Id say that your former team is more hard to deal with but if you want to tank with Ursena I would put Ariel instead of Vela & Grazul to exploit her family effect and make Ursena more likely to fire.

What are your other heroes?

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i see a lot of players struggle with my former team at least in raids, in war it’s not the same, thats why i think it needs way more hitters (damage).

Other Heroes i have:
Red: Santa, Elena, Azlar
Blue: Isarnia, Misandra, Aegir
Yellow: Neith, Vivica, Joon
Purple: Domitia, Sartana, Grimble
Green: Kingston, Lianna, Elkanen, Kadilen, Horghall

how about this one?

alby, Ursena, Guin, Grazul, Misandra or vela


Mits and vela on the same team tanked with urs… makes me wonder.

You wouldn’t take yellow bc of the reflect… red damage is drastically reduced with vela… and mits offers the blue reflect. (Although Mits and urs don’t stack) Purple is weak against urs… leaving green which lacks a cleanse (sans locke) to clear zel attack down.

So maybe zel mits urs Poseidon vela?? Or grazul for mits if you want some heal??

Just thinking outloud…

Alby, santa, guin, aegir, ursena

this sounds pretty decent! only thing i don’t really like with Ursena and Mits in one team is not only becasue they don’t stack, they are both sourcer. don’t have that many emblems.

sounds too tanky :smiley:

would like to swap Alby even he is gold… not really necassary to stay in diamond.

For me (and the line up I suggested), It is about forcing tiles.

Unless you get the perfect board against your defense, here is what I think would generally happen:

People will generally avoid dropping tiles on the left side of the board to avoid charging alby (and Ursena if they brought any holy heroes). This moves the action to the right side.

This forces tiles into Guin, grazul, and Misandra (Drop enemy mana, HoT, Heal, Status Ailment immunity, +mana). this in turn helps the left side fire.

Seems like a nice defense to me.


hrmm… well, sounds pretty pretty cool! to be honest, i didn’t really think about this, i just can say that from my experiance, i lose most of the time against a good tank like Guin and 4 fast hitters around her.

a team with multiple healers can be a pain in the a**… but it’s not as hard as a good tank and 4 fast hitters.

but i keep that combo in mind! thank you very much!

Alberich - Santa Claus - Guinevere - Ursena - Misandra

already had a similar team in mind, i know Santa should be on left flank (becasue of def down), but just in case Ursena is about to fire, wouldn’t it be better to have her on left side?

With Guinevere and Santa Claus as tank/flank it’s unlikely that the opponents would be under 50% of their health before Ursena’s first cast and in the case of a resurrection from Alberich I think that Ursena & Autoattacks would deal with the team just fine after a possible Santa Claus’ special.

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Whaaat?? Too slow… where’s the snipe?

do you have any experiance with Santa? i barely see him in raids, did face him a few times and he is pretty strong in my opinion even for a slow caster! all i know is, i’m not very happy to face him… lol

seems like a bad joke… :confused:

I find that Santa Claus it’s a very annoying flank as if let alone he would greatly lower my survivability and damage potential with his special and could make me wasting time trying to charging up my cleanse beforehand.

He could resist status effects so I usually try to just delay him with Leonidas while dealing with high priority targets, letting him lower his edge with fewer and fewer allies he would have.
Alberich and Misandra could really let him shine, turning your defense into a bunker with minions and HoT.

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Let ursena do all the killing thing, all at once.

Guin will delay opponents mana, santa will weaken their attack and defense, aegir will increase team survivability, and ursena do all the killing work. Meanwhile alby will reviving dead team mates.

This is my suggestion for war defense, especially arrow and health aid, might help wasting enemies flags.