Grazul? Azlar? Mitsuko?

Another one. Which hero should I ascend?

I got Red Hood and Jean-Francois maxed, and they work togheter with Wilbur, Falcon and Boldtusk in my red team.

So the choice is between Grazul, Azlar and Mitsuko. I was hoping for Azlar’s costume during the last costume event, but ain’t got it yet.

I’d level Grazul as I use two in every war because of her very fast she’s awesome vs GTV trio.

But… Mits is sooo good at countering blue. :thinking:

i would go grazul: vfast healer :love_letter:
and blocks vela, tell, clarissa and many more

I’m lucky that I have both Mitsuko and Grazul levelled. Both are awesome but I’d say I use Grazul a touch more as she’s on my defence. I raid with them both, they do slightly the same job but differently on my raids. Namely nullify Vela.

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This should never be a factor until it’s pulled - treat the hero as if you’ll never have the costume until you’ve already got it.

And in this case, Azlar is a distant third place.


Personally I’d lean towards Mitsuko, but Grazul is mighty useful too!


I have both and use them quite often. I find my Mits more useful because Sorcerer emblems are much easier to come by for me, so I have her +17. Have 2 Azlars…never fed them one hero.

While Grazul is a very fast hero, her 15% healing is so low you won’t even notice that your heroes were healed and that her immunity only lasts for 2 turns. Mitsuko on the other hand, though at average mana, has a very tangible and visible effect of her skills against the enemy, i.e. damage to 3, mana cut to 3, and blue reflect to all allies. Other than that, sorcerer emblems are only ideal to 2 heroes in Mitsuko and Ursena. But there are several cleric class heroes vying for the emblems in Rigard, Kunchen, Hansel, Ariel, Lady Woolerton, Mist, Vivica, Boril, etc. But that’s just me.


I would say Mitsuko too and replace JF with her. You already have a healer in your red team and JF isn’t getting any benefit from your BT, Falcon and Wilbur buffs/debuffs.

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I’m currently missing one ring for a complete set, but soon Mount Umber, and I began to think in advance and determine who will get these rings. The choice was between Grazul, Jean-Francois, and Mitsuko. I thought for a long time and decided that Mitsuko would get the rings. Personally, I need it more. See who is more needful for you.

If you have Triton, he works great with Grazul as he will boost her heal up nicely

definitely Mitsuku must be leveled up

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Azlar is a S1 hero that can (should?) now not be given rings UNLESS you summon the costume when you have many other (better) options. Slow and fragile in today’s meta means he needs something more.

Grazul or Mitsuko REALLY depends on what you need more in your team but it is a luxury “dilemma”. Grazul protects against existing ailments and future ailments of all colors in addition to a small heal at Very Fast mana. Briliiant and with practice she can be the difference on offensive raids.
Mitsuko occupies a different niche and with her average mana speed is not certain to fire before the blue enemies which is what you want her for. The mana cut is good, damage is nice but not going to kill any healthy heroes but the blue reflect is her thing. She occupies a niche but occupies it well. Robust stats.

Have a ponder about 1) emblems 2) synergies with the rest of your roster. Both are excellent support heroes.

Do you have either of Mitsuko’s 5* family members? That could help tilt it towards her too. Maybe even the 4* if you use them.

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Thanks for all your replies, but I’m still a bit torn :sweat_smile: Just maxed Almur with sorcerer emblems, as I ain’t got Evelyn. Got 2-300 sorcerer emblems left. I also got 700-800 cleric emblems in my inventory.

I do have 15 rings, so I can max them both, but at the same time I don’t want to waste them on mediocre heroes until I got some good red ones.

Mitsuko, my mostet wanted red… perhaps I will get her one day … If you get her up early Vela and Finley in the famous Finley GM telly Vela and Someone Defense go down by default…

Going with the crowd. Grazul is an important hero in the current environment. I’d go Grazul, then Mitsuko and leave Azlar on the bench. I have one maxed but I barely use him anymore. I think the last time as a 5* rush tournament. Maybe.

If Mitsuko and Grazul are mediocre then I must assume you spend bucket-loads on the game. I believe both Mits and Graz to be top quartile heroes, when used properly they are excellent.

If you are a major spender wanting only the creme-de-la-creme, wait until the SIII red sniper is released, looks devastating.

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I’m saving all my Valhalla coins for Gefjon, indeed. Not a big spender, but casual. I still got my hopes up for the better red ones, and I do think Mitsuko and Grazul av mediocre compared to Gravemaker, Black Knight and Tyr

I understand wanting other heroes but would simply caution that planning for them leads to dark places and damaged bank accounts (especially GM and BK with the low, low availability).

I would not call Gazul and Mitsuko mediocre since they are well above average (the definition of mediocre is: Something of low value, moderate or low quality).

I do agree that there may be better heroes out there even if we don’t agree on the exact ordering from best to worst.

With as many rings as you have it may be worth leveling one of your options now, saving an additional set of rings in case you summon one of your dream heroes.

By disparaging an excellent hero you DO have while coveting a shiny hero you do NOT have, I fear you may enjoy the game less than if you figured out how to best use one of the excellent heroes in your roster.

At the end of the day: E&P is a game, YOU know what makes you happy, I don’t. I really hope you continue to enjoy it.

I have GM +20, he is on my defense, he only comes to titans and war team, not main raid team.
Mitsuko received rings before GM II who has been sitting at 3-70 for months. JF also got rings ahead of GM II as did Azlar (because I summoned the costume).
These are all personal choices, I value variety and have absolutely no regrets.

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I have 2 Grazuls at 370 and plan on keeping them that way because I have
Mitsuko maxed sand she is very good and almost a sure win when you get her charged. For wars, Grazul at 370 is good enough to save your team as I’ve experienced many times which might counter what I’ve written here

I just pulled Grazul. I want to level her, but I will have to figure out how best to use her skills. I don’t see her on my defense team, but I see her in some raids, wars, tournaments and events.