Mitsuko my thoughts

I have enjoyed her on offense but really she is so niche that i only raid with her vs double blues
She gets it going and it is over, the blue hero attack is a deathnote, it is really amazing
And she’ll be amazing for blue bosses on events
Wars she is great :+1:

However for titans she aint worthed

Defense i havent seen her around so i cant say much about it

I guess her grade is B and i did want her to be an A, but…she should have been riposte and reflect then you’d have your A

As your roster grows, you’ll appreciate having heroes thatbdo a particular thing really well, even if they don’t play well in most circumstances.

It’s like a carpenter’s tools. There’s a basic set you use every day, all day, but when you want that mitre saw, anything else is a poor substitute.


Very niche indeed. Clearly in the wrong color. Originally in purple and should have stayed that way. Would have been great for high level titans because they do a lot of damage with their special. Needs something more to be great imo. Maybe some sort of healing. Or the caster should reflect all ice damage, not just the special. Have her at 3 70. Keeping her there for now.

Im getting her close to maxing her out and just put her on my defense team flanking Guin. Its now

Greg - Mitsuko - Guin - Hel - Magni

Im seeing a lot more defense wins and from higher teams many awarding 35 or more cups. However, this is not even a full day so who knows.

I have a very good feeling that you will see a lot of her in the future in a team that will be like nothing currently used. Things might change so we shall see.

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How is you Guin - Mitsuko duo faring?

My trophies rarely dropped below 2450 with BT. Mitsuko seems to have taken that up to 2550. She also seems to keep my position a little longer when in the top 100.

So, I’m leveling Mitsuko right now to strengthen my sorcerer class a bit. Now that people have played with her for a bit, is she worth the final ascension?

I have only run into her twice in raids…once as a tank and once as a flank to a red tank (I thought that was a nice setup for the unwary).

Neither time did she wow me. I remember there was a lot of hype around Inari when she came out, but now you never see her. So I wanted to bring this thread back up to get more recent thoughts on Mits

I got mitsuko immediately and maxed. Now i dont use her. I am unhappy that i didnt give my rings to ares or red hood. I use always my two gravemakers

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I agree. Mitsuko is fantastic against Blue heroes. I don’t think she’s great against Titans and she hasn’t impressed me against any other type of hero. I like her for specific enemies but she doesn’t seem to have great general utility.

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You ever thought about trying mitsuko as tank with a mono red defense team? I would think three times before taking on red hood grave mitsuko ares grave…someday I hope to try it with my red heroes in years when I get the rings I need zimkitha elena mitsuko ares azlar

is mitsuko the best red to pair with kage on defense?

I’m not sure I see any special synergy between the two. Why would you think that?

Their family bonus isn’t enough to make Mitsuko the best red for Kageburado.

Yeah if you had inari and Kage with her you’d get a 4 percent Mana boost

I’m taking Mits to 3/70 mostly to improve my sorcerer class heroes … and plan to give rings to my second Gravemaker instead of her.

Her special against attack blues is amazing … except that her tile damage is weak against them on offense, and I would normally stack green (strong) instead of red (weak).

I also find 20% mana reduction on offense to be underwhelming, no matter how effective it is on a defense team. Mana control like Hansel, Merlin, etc is great on offense but easy to deal with on defense. (Hel seems effective in either place)

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Yeah, that’s what I was trying to get at, is she worth it with family bonus. What about between Marjana and zim for red with kage

Secretly hoping that someone else besides me (@Rigs) maybe notices that this is the guy that is bashing color stacking all over the forums, but look at the attack team he brings…


Mitsy is like Merlin, she need human, who can use her. When she is on defense I’m just waiting with my Isarnia for buff end. But in raids you can use her and throw every single puzzel into blue heroes for their suicide


lmao i said mono color stacking brother is bad business for early players as it uses up said colors early in war when benches are already scarce. this team i was using, 2 months ago for a fight, was 2 2 1 used in a demonstration for mitsuko on a battle. 2 2 1 and rainbow are my preferences never mono accept on some titans.

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miz is great for countering alasie who can be a real pain

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