Mitsuko my thoughts

I was lucky enough to receive mitsuko and inari in the Atlantic summons.

my mitsuko is currently headed to the end of her second tier. using her in a team to test her out in raids and taking on teams up to 500 points above me I have not lost single match where an opponent has a blue attack hero.

the only thing I can say is that I don’t think people are understanding that her reflect means zero damage to anyone who is hit by blue and any aoe blue is dead in one shot. Thorne, Alasie, Richard, triton, isarnia, all useless if they survive they attack they have less than 100 hp everytime.

I have been fighting in platinum with around a regular 34 to 3500 team depending on opponent. with mitsuko leveled just to where she is currently I am now in diamond running a 3200 team

hope this information was helpful to anyone curious as to first impressions. good luck to all.


Shhhhh the devs are going to nerf her. #SheIsAmazing

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Biggest reason i wanted to pull her was for informational purposes lol same with inari. Neither really fit my playstyle, just thought it’d be fun to toss em into different situations. Mits+guin D teams is what peaks my curiosity more than attack. Attack i figured she’d be solid. Makes grave tanks even more viable if they put blue fast hitters on the wings, and she seems like a good tool vs athena as well.

Just speculation on my end. I don’t have her. And only time I’ve gone against mits, she was on a wing and the board started off with a 15 hit combo lmao so yea it was a short match

i don’t have her high enough yet for defense but with kashrek next to her she super nasty

Mine is at 77. She is amazing on defense. I am hoping not but she will probably get nerfed.

I just got mine to tier 2 and I am sitting on rings for her final ascension.

I know I will use her on offense, at least in wars and in raids against blue tanks or blue stacks. The only problem is that every tank I face is usually red (GM) or yellow (Guin).

She is definetly interesting. I wonder how she will behave as a tank. Her special is somehow uniqe with the ice special reflect. I’m thinking if you put her as a tank you’re opponent will have to triple stack on blues given her high defence and health stats. And lf she fires those 3 blues will have a hard time fireing their specials unless you already have a non blue debuffer charged. And if she doesn’t hit said debuffer to reduce his mana. I think she misses some sort of life regen to be trully amazing. Also should be useful against high level blue titans. Their special deal a lot of damage. I read she was nerfed in beta. And also that she was originally purple. I wonder if SG will buff/nerf her in the future.

She was purple and would have been a game changer if she had stayed that way. Not OP, but she would have wrecked Guin defense groups. Not to mention it would add her to Titans as well.

Imagine hitting a Guin tank doing damage and removing 20% mana from her and her flanks. Then feeding her more gems to force her to go off and making her take another 20% mana off her whole team! I’d say that’s a hero we needed and I am running a Guin tank

Agreed. Only problem i could think of when i first saw her was flanking guin on defense teams as purple. It would have been rough in my opinion

That thought crossed my mind too until you remember there are plenty of Hels out there that would equal or rival her spot as a purple Guin flank.

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My first thought were: with her every yellow titan and Guardian events will be a joke.

In the end you can still kill her on raids with the huge purple stack but the AIs…

I don’t think she needs nerf, her attack ain’t brutal, she is average
The special reflect is insane but could be avoided
But alby’s revive is insane
Hel’s mana stop is insane
Guin’s dark defense life regen is insane
Mother north… i can stop there :slight_smile:

Mitsuko is fine, she needs a buff :wink: more damage 270% boomshakala


She turns the offensive defense (at least with Blue) on it’s head. A Magni tank is a dead tank against Mitsy.

I have her leveled and placed her front and center in war right now. I was going to fully level inari as she is way better imho. But i drew her at last minute and i already had mitsuko half way leveled. I wasnt impressed with her in beta but as an attack hero shes ba. I keep her leveled till right before a blue launches then i let them commit suicide. Im kinda a big fan now.


Nope nope you are wrong, she is bad. Same as Inari.
All the people says that, so it must be true!

Your logic don’t affect me.

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Inari is a BEAST
Mistuko another BEAST
As is Alby and Zeline, Guin, Hel

Too bad for those who have them and don’t appreciate!

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I have to agree with @Elpis. I hope you guys dont put either in any sort of defense team.

No seriously, please do t put them in a defense team

Why is she amazing? I have her and have been underwhelmed by her so far.

(I want to feel good about this hero…)

I was hoping for Inari and got Mitsuko, who really isn’t super great for me right now. It would be better to reflect ALL blue attacks, not just specials.

There’s a lot of useful discussion about Mitsuko over here:

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