Ares or mitsuko..which one should I ascend to 4/80?

Hi guys!
I wanted some advice on how to proceed in leveling up my red heroes. I already have a maxed zim, and a 3/70 ares. I was lucky to pull mitsuko, and now i can’t decide…finishing ares or go for mitsuko?

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I’d go Ares (and I just got Mitsuko too). Ares is great support for all areas of the game. Mitsuko is pretty good I think, but is really designed to take down blue heroes…so a little niche.


Without knowing the rest of your roster, Ares would be the pick in a vacuum. He makes a good (though no longer top tier) tank for raid defences and is an upgrade to Boldtusk for green titans. Mitsuko on the other hand shines in offensive raids vs wing/ flank blue damager dealers like Alasie/ Alice/ Magni/ Frida etc. In theory you dont want to bring her vs blue tanks (since red is weak against blue) but the most common blue tank these days is Aegir who is a non damage dealer anyways.


In defence color counts? Are you sure?

No, colour doesnt count in defence. But mitsuko is just too easy to play around on defence. Bring no blues (if she is flank/ wing), or bring a non-blue dispellers (if she is tank)

Another vote for Ares. Great hero in many game aspects. Mitsuko is more situational.


I think Ares - particularly w emblems - May be top 6 or so.

Who’s better?
Guin/Gravy/Kunchen -sure

But after that?

Santa? - possibly, but slow and takes emblems from so many good Monks - Drake primarily.

Aegir? - fantastic vs those who don’t know how to play against him but then still a liability vs those who do.

Yunan? Boss Wolf? Queen of Hearts?

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I don’t know. Outside the top 3, I think Yunan is the only real top tier tank but doesn’t see much play probably because of his rarity and the fact not many alliances run green tanks in wars. The chasm between the top tanks and the rest of the pack is really huge.

I agree that Aegir is not a good tank for people who know how to counter him. But the same holds true with Ares. There are just too many good dispellers out there that counter his special. He goes off, heals a little bit and then Frida/ Sonya/ Panther etc fires and you haven’t gained much of an advantage.
If Ares was still a top tank, I would be seeing a lot more of him in high diamond. I have seen as many Ares tanks this week as I have Boss Wolf. Perhaps it’s just the luck of the draw. Looking at @Razor list of top 10 tanks, Ares doesn’t even feature at all.

… I would still love him for my titan team though!


Ares is quite strong on offense. The combination of heals and two big damage buffs makes him very capable. I like bringing him as an off-color in 3-2 stacks because once he fires, the damage of the heroes he’s between goes through the roof. I use him in this capacity fairly often.

He is also my tank, but he very dependent on his supporting cast.


I have Guin as tank…and this is the origin of my doubts:(

Ares. He is just very well rounded (not just his armor :rofl:) as a tank/support. He was my first red 5*.

Mitsuko should be a 3rd or 4th red. She is also ideal for the sorcerer class.
She is my 4th by the way.

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Do you intend to play him in defense or offense.

Ares is very good on offense.

I think offense/titans

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Then you won’t go wrong with Ares.

He is one of the best reds for that role at support tank.

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