Offensive team - red part


in my offensive team - if i use it in rainbow way i have at the moment :

  • Morgan LeFay
  • Kageburedo
  • Joon
  • Ariel

for the red part i have the choice between anzogh and mitsuko - which would you prefer to pump up ?


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Mitsuko for me :slight_smile: 20 char

Mitsuko 2000000 chars

Mitsuko. You can use this as a defense team too. Put Mitsuko as tank imo:

Morgan | Ariel | Mitsuko | Kage | Joon

is what I would do. For wars with red tanks, that would work really well.

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Mitsuko. You already have a five star healer, and a superior one at that. Mitsuko will help you immensely against any team with Isarnia or a corner blue sniper (and sometimes against flanking blues). Also, she’ll make all the levels with Kirin bosses laughably easy. The only real conflict I see is whether you should emblem her or Morgan.

Lastly, re; @DaveCozy’s point about war: if your alliance uses all red tanks then Mitsuko is maybe not actually a great option. Usually the point of that strategy is to drain the blue resources of the opponent, and Mitsuko suggests (though does not necessitate) that they stack differently against her. Still may be your best red tank option, just something you should consider.


many thx guys !
was a great help for me !

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Yes, that might be true, depending on the player :slight_smile: It is likely in wars though that players will go neutral against the tank (for red tanks: red, purple or yellow) too once they run out of blues.

I still find her very tanky, but with Mits warding off blue you make a good point there.


Yep, absolutely she’s still a very viable tank option in whatever circumstance. I’m not sure how others approach her in raids, but I tend to still stack blue since:

  1. Tiles can still kill her, before or after her special
  2. Some blue specials are unaffected (e.g., Kiril, Boril)
  3. It’s not like I MUST fire my blues specials once they’re charged; depending on the health of the hero, I may hold or sacrifice them (for example, Frida is charged but has low health - her death may be a justifiable cost for the limited area dispel if I can follow with Grimm / tiles / whatever and generate a kill) - I’m comfortable making these decisions…why is it called Empires and PUZZLES?..that’s the puzzle!

In war if an alliance is fronting all reds I think you’ve convinced me. Barring exceedingly deep benches, the other side will run out of blues at some point anyway and start stacking neutral. It doesn’t really matter if they do that against Mitsuko from the first attack or later on - they still tap out on blue quickly. Unless it were a really weird situation where like half the alliance had Mitsuko tanks! That’d be a sight.


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