📯 [February 2021] Valhalla Forever -- Discussion & Portal Stats/ Summons Results!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see an offer with loot tickets, one similar to Atlantis. We’ll see.

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You know what is really funny, Valhalla forever, alot of us ftp,ctp and pay to play or pay for pulls have yet to see a single Valhalla 5* hero in our rostas and with that here comes season 4,we just can’t afford to spend 1000’s just for the sake of hoping to get a decent or new hero from Valhalla, me, my alliance and affiliate alliances have spent some serious cash in the hopes of a decent Valhalla 5* and no joke, out of all players, only 2 members have a total of 3 Valhalla heroes, it’s super disheartening! Now the new season is coming and we want to be excited but feel incredibly bitter and left behind including the players who buy the deals and those that play the game as if it was a second job and yet fail to see any new hero especially after countless summoning. RAIDS, oh joy, constantly faced off with op ninjas holding hands with Figg, Odin, cobalt ect and yet some ptp players still getting nothing and just can’t compete against op hero’s it’s becoming super boring and repetitive, great if some hero’s weren’t nerfed or if some old were ‘’"" buffed"" to rebalance the game, but that’s not the case. SG DON’T NERF YOUR HERO’S, but give players SOMETHING to keep interest!!! Hero academy, ffs 7 months and all I keep getting is broken old same season 1 crap and even then even the season 1 hero’s that we do not have, still do not have as hero academy still gives us old replicas of what we already have and fed away.
You know, we welcome the new season 4, but for the entirety of Valhalla, if we yet haven’t gotten to enjoy it with any new hero, like seriously what is the point of season 4… And for some reason and time now, rare Titans, elemental chests, war chests even the last chest in the ninja tower NO Mats, dry spell or what is going on exactly, I finished the ninja tower, got my chest where a select few got mats and the rest got Jack Spit.
I’m trying and trying and trying to keep interested, I’m trying to keep my teammates and visitors positive ect, but it’s just getting beyond frustrating, repetitive, a sense of nothing to achieve, mats and hero’s unattainable unless you spend beyond 1000’s,hero academy and huge disappointment, here comes season 4 where we didn’t even get to enjoy season 3.
I’m really sorry for venting, we just feel, HAVE SEEN, unless you spend +£600.00 minimum per event pull, you stand no chance… FUNNY THING, these newbies do their first ever 10 pull and or free token pulls and land themselves these Valhalla heros, HOW!!!

AND many players haven’t even completed season 3 yet simply as our OLD RUBBISH underwhelming heros can’t compete as well as the new hero’s which we do not attain or get to enjoy.


Atlantis usually has the gems single.
Then we flasks few gems and AR coins. That’s what I get.
Events had the same on the last day as id buy that too.
My guess maybe gems. Then Coins. Then a bundle of both with we flasks :+1:

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Yeah but it completely kills the fun in the game for the entire playerbase, I’m just done with it now, many of us are , man, what’s the point of BETA if they never acknowledge feedback, so annoying


SG keeps gearing the game to the whales when they should be trying to hit a sweet spot with the average guy. That’s just business 101


Agree with the farming advice. I’ll be using VF to work on various s3 missions.

But which levels? Thankfully there’s another thread on that - 📯 Missions – Season 3 (Valhalla)

May want to link to that in the OP as well.


I am personally just going to do my Majestic Ram and Phantom Axes avatars and whatever I pickup along the way, “yay”. I will accept and like.


So I thought this Valhalla was supposed to start a few min ago (earlier than usual) but it hasn’t shown up for metl yet. Is the starting time wrong? Should we expect it in 2 hours?

Think it’s the usual time. Could be typo error in the notice. 2hrs more.

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Main post says 7am UK time, which is the usual time for stuff, so just under 2 hrs

There was a typo in the announcement thread. They had inserted the date/time using Helsinki Time (2 hours ahead) instead of the usual UTC time.

So it plugged in 0700 Helsinki time (which is 0500 UTC); rather than 0700 UTC time which was intended.

So featured heroes have a chance for 1% to be pulled. Makes more sense now.

Started S3 for the first time ever this event.

I like the runes, I will say that. Sadly team power insufficient to autofarm anything, even the easiest S3 map.

So far two fights - one Midgard Gnome - 3 Ranger emblems.

79 more to go!

I had 400 coins.
4x 3* lol.

Ei Dunn
By Ulf

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Seems OK. Three S3 heroes. Could be way worse - they could all be 3* S1s.

Edit: I collected 100 coins right now, and pulled Jarvur. Pretty happy that he’s not Karil is what I’m gonna say. An OK hero.

See, the odds were reworked. All this barking for nothing :man_shrugging:

Now it’s 1% for one of the 3 featured heroes, and 0.6% for one of non-featured. Just as it should be.

Funny enough, I have all the featured heroes this round (Fenrir, Heimdall, Gefjon). Have HotM as well. So saving my coins for whenever Lord Loki is featured.

Good luck hunting!


Has anyone figured out which S3 level (preferably 3 WE in VH) has the most monsters, meaning the biggest chance for a gnome to drop?

Also, I used my 900+ accumulated coins and these guys showed up:

Not too shabby.


3x pulls from free coins: Kvasir, Sudri, Brynhild and Uraeus !


Anyone else not receiving bonus Valhalla coins after beating the special creatures?

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