Join now! Teams Looking for Players to Join their Alliances (Player Focused Line Chat Room)

For those who don’t use Facebook, can they post here to this thread?

I tried to post the Line Chat room link, but it would take you to the internet site, not the app. I will repost and add the Line room link.

There’s a big chat group on LINE for recruiting called ‘E&P Recruitment Chat’.

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Yeah, I’m a member. Tough recruiters recruiting recruiters. This one is based on the player. Alliances post ad in the albums, and the player can pick and choose a team. They can solo chat the poster directly. There has been players matched, and found a specific language team etc…


Are you looking for a new home?

What Line username should I search for the E&P Recruitment Chat?

What’s your Line ID? I will add you…

Thanks! It’s morwen1.

Added to both rooms.

Can you add me as well? Line ID is jennytaelia

Can you add me to the recruiting chat as well please? Line ID: YoursTruly217

Thank you in advance

Added to the recruiting rooms.

How do you get an alliance to the seekers? How can my alliance receive any of the players?

What’s your Line ID?

sarapatel is my ID on Line

@PatB - can you add me please to the group? It’s vetinari-ep

Add me? But I’m in the Elite Line group too, if that’s a conflict of interest…

ID: chibipotato16

Should be added…yes

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