Alliance merger?

After having had a clear out of my alliance we’ve dropped to around 20 active players, so as well as looking to recruit if there is a small alliance out there who’d be interested in a merger to bulk up the numbers this is something I’d be looking at. Ultimately the best results come from a full active alliance so if 2 groups can come together to make a stronger team this benefits everyone.

Anyone interested just let me know.


What’s the alliance called?

Good point. UK Warlords MkII… Not to be mistaken with our previous alliance UK Warlords. A big chunk of us moved from there due to inactive players and we are just looking to carry on as a unit.

contact me. i have an idea. Line or discord?

Discord… Happy to discuss ideas

hit me up
kahlan amnell #1675

Enigma 04 #3936

Kept telling me it couldn’t find you…

i can’t find you either

This is the Recruiting discord server; we can connect there?

Unfortunately for many of us, there seems an abundant number of alliances with around 20 members, which makes merging difficult, since so many players would necessarily have to be left out.
Hopefully those of us looking for players will be able to find a solution.

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Hello, my alliance (Legitimates) is also looking for a small group of 5-6 people. We are a strong alliance so we are looking for good people 2400+ cups. If any small alliance that can match our requirements is interested, u can find me on line tribl94 for discussing potential merge :slight_smile: