♢Everest♢ is recruiting!


I just started a new alliance, ♢Everest♢. (with the diamond symbols) Currently the alliance sits 19/30! Crazy after only 6 days!

It’s my hope to gather ambitious, but down-to-earth players who want to take on the alliance wars, and the titans, but who are easy going and fun to talk to.

Empire and Puzzles is as fun as it is frustrating, but part of what makes it so enjoyable it the community. I’m hoping to create an alliance filled with people who want to get to know each other, and work together as we enjoy the game, and everything it has to offer.

I hope in time ♢Everest♢ can grow into something as large as its namesake, and become real special to its members.

For those wondering, I am level 25 with a team power of 3464. My second team is at 2654, and my third is at 2327. I have a fourth, but it’s not worth mentioning yet. My current trophy range is from 1890 to 2100.


Also, there’s free pie.


We are still recruiting! We have a lot of spots open for active players who just want to have some fun! We are getting 5* titans and we participate in wars, but we won’t pressure you to! We have players of all levels. We are a chatty bunch, and there’s pretty much always someone online to talk to. Come get some pie and join us!


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