PT Revolution is recruiting 3 members, join us in killing some high level titans and hit the cr** of other alliances!

Hi there fellow Empires & Puzzles players,

PT Revolution is recruiting 3 members, feel free to join us if you meet the below requirements.

We are a fun and very active alliance, and help our members with in game decisions and lineup questions. Currently we are killing 9* titans, and occasionally we are able to kill a 10*.


  • HAVE FUN and be friendly! :slight_smile:
  • Hit the TITAN as hard as you can
  • Use all 6 flags in wars
  • Let us know if you are going to be inactive for a period
  • 1800 cups to join

P.S.: ATM we have some free spots, but in the future if you want to join us and we are full, send me a private message.


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