Let's make Empires & Puzzles great again!

Think you have what it takes to get to the next level then join Covfefe. Let’s make Empires and Puzzles great again!

We are a semi-competitive alliance looking for dedicated & active players. Very loyal members with over 200 days in the alliance. If you are looking for drama, heroics or retirement home, then look somewhere else.

Required trophy count 2000, must attack titans and use all flags in wars.

Sorry to butt in here, not intending to either promote or diss either alliance, but um… is it appropriate for one alliance to post their own recruitment ad as a reply to a thread recruiting for another alliance?


@zephyr1 I see you’re online

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No, it’s not, thanks for the heads up! :heart_decoration:

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Ahh, thought it was to make E & P great again, whoops

No problem. All replies give creates more visibility for our thread :slight_smile:

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If I didn’t have an alliance already, I’d join in a heartbeat based on the use of the word Covfefe, and I’d change my player name to Individual 1, or possibly Melanie.

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Here’s another bump for the original thread.

Apologies to both of you, my intentions were not to endorse either one. I have my own alliance and we’re not recruiting.

But there are lots of alliance-less players out there looking for homes, check out either of the above alliances (or one of the many others that are actively recruiting).

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Thanks Halifax and TGW. The name made me laugh and join, the people made me stay.

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