Mica or Sif

I got 6 darts, Please advise ascend Mica or sif better.

I have drake and Odin ascended.

Thank you.

Save your darts until you have 12. For the meantime, level them to 3/70 and play with them for quite a bit until you have 12 darts and has already made a decision which of them suits your playstyle. Only you can determine which hero fits you best since we don’t have the same heroes, troops and its levels as well as playstyle.

Good luck.


Hi folks,

I just pulled Sif on the Valhalla portal. As I own Mica too, I was wondering which one is better for me. Each of them could get some emblems in the end.

My yellow maxed :
5* : Guinevere +20, Malosi +15
4* : Mist +5, Guardian Jackal +19, Gullinbursti +19

I was thinking to use Mica in reverse formation, with Jabberwock, Crystalis, Gefjon and Lady of the Lake. But now, with Sif, I don’t know. They are both very similar, but not exactly the same. Any advice ?

I have ascended sif. She is good in map. So far no regret.

I would recommend Sif more for defense, Mica for for offense. Since you have Guin for your defense already, I wouldn’t focus on defense that much though - looks like you have the diamond tier squad potential so it won’t get any significantly better beside bragging rights.

But in your case, I would wait with the mats to have them handy when some hard hitter appears in your roster. When I look at your cards I see you lack yellow firepower, and neither of these cards will help to provide that.

If I were you:

Mica if I had other ninjas (that family link is ridiculous).

Sif if not.

Thanks for your answers. Actually I’ve got 13 darts so I can max two new yellow 5* heroes, but I don’t want to max Sif AND Mica in a row. That’s why I would like to know which one would fit my team better.
My other yellow 5* (not leveled or sitting at 3/70) are Neith, Uraeus, Norns, Joon, Malosi (n°2), Bai Yeong, Vivica and Justice. I will probably max Uraeus to get some firepower, when Sif/Mica will be finished, as I don’t own Joon-C.
Until know, my defensive setup works quite well in reverse formation, with Guinevere in left flank, Lady of the Lake as tank, and Queen of Hearts as right flank. But I would like to change this for something more aggressive. I think using Sif/Mica instead of Guinevere could make this.

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