Mellow or Yellow? (Inari, Ranvir, or Wait)

Sitting with 7 darts and 7 orbs and now a choice to make. I already have a 4/80 Onatel so would it be less regrettable to…

  • use darts on Inari that is already at 3/70 and bring up Ranvir to 3/70
  • save everything for Ranvir
  • or wait for TC20 or events to eventually spit out a Viv, Joon, or other event hero to use all the mats on.

Also, I have yet to use any emblems and have enough rogue & wizard ones to activate 5 nodes on Onatel and Inari, so not sure if they are worth using on those 2 or keep holding on to them?

Current roster below. Any feedback is appreciated.

I got my Inari first so she got first set of 4* mats no regrets she is extremely good hero.

Now I am going for Ranvir he came after Inari :smile:

I like Inari but Ranvir will help you with titans. I’ve heard he’s good, so going with the word on the street , why not just use those darts lol


I’m kind of in a similar situation. I have the mats and have these.


I have no other 5* healers so I’m leaning towards Vivica but I’ve heard good things about Inari…What do you guys think?

I’m finding Ranvir to be an important replacement for Wu Kong. But I’m going upmagainst 12* titans, where Wu doesn’t last long without special handling.


I have Inari. I find that the stat boosts from asecnding her (higher health and defense, not that her defense is that great anyway…) makes a difference in keeping her alive long enough to use her special.

Still, she isn’t as useful on Titans as Ranvir is; you will mainly use her in Raid offense, War offense and against bosses. Ranvir seems a bit more versatile.

I think it’s better to ascend the heroes you have now, than to wait for a hero you don’t know you will ever draw. I suggest you bring Ranvir to 2/60 and then decide; maybe you’ll get an 8th Orb by then and can bring Ranvir to 3/70 guilt-free and then decide between Inari or Ranvir for final ascension.


Thanks all for the input. :+1:

Funny enough just got 8th orb today so decided to just have both Ranvir and Inari chill at 3/70. Our alliance is only on 7* titans at the moment anyway so using darts now may be a bit overkill.

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Inari was my first maxed holy 5*, her main purpose was to provide kage 2% mana boost so that he could fire on 6 tiles with low lvl mana troops.

She does not have an active SS attack, so whenever I raided, I usually tried to make my stack tiles instead of yellow tiles so she didn’t fire fast.

Explained this so you know she is not very good being your first holy 5*.

I now have poseiden, Onatel maxed Rana and Joon sitting 3/70 so when I do a holy stack, Inari is tremendous. She’s definitely worth the darts but probably not as your first holy 5*.

Recommend you hold onto the darts and get ranvir up to 3/70 while you wait for possibly joon to come knocking.

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Ranvir. Inari is a sub-par hero in my experience with limited uses. Ranvir is a supercharged Wu…I think you’d get better return on Ranvir.

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Ranvir unless tc20 spits out a Joon.

Depending on titan levels, Wu still works without Ranvir.

Joon is the most versatile yellow 5* vanilla hero in the game.

Usually how you compare heroes and who to pick:

  1. Offense
  2. Defense
  3. Titans

Which of the above is your main focus (you can rate them yourselves or you can ask here in the forum but always state your focus). The one hero for all situations are usually fast snipers unless they have unique buffs (e.g. Ariel/Albi/Khiona)


Hello, this is my first post, I am F2P since january and coincidentally my first 5 star yellow was Inari as featured Atlantis hero which i brougth to 3.70, and next was Ranvir which is stuck at 2.60. So from the start i cannot give top comparison between 5 stars holy heroes. All I can say is that Inari was very helpful for me at 3.70 since I managed to finish last 3 legendary events (Wonderland, Sand Empire, Grimforest) thanks to her Dodge, which is awesome since i have only wilbur and other maxed 4 stars vanilla heroes, no proteus or riposte heroes. Although Inari is passive till bosses, she really helps a lot at the end if charged when needed. Ranvir is also fantastic, but i dislike misses of special skills, but you must agree that both have chance to do something. If I would get Joon, I will still ascend Inari over Ranvir when I will get AM. I am a big fan of utility heroes, maybe because i have only 3 snipers in rooster, but this is RNG.

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Ranvir if you like titans. Inari if you like raids and everything else.

You have two great heroes, so either choice is not a problem.

You could be waiting 2 years for Joon. He might never come. Some people have been waiting 2 years for 4 stars that never seem to come.

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