Ranvir, Inari, Vivica, or wait

Seeking the community’s thoughts. Here’s my situation:

Currently have 7 darts and plenty of other mats. I’m C2P and keep one TC20 running full time

Current heroes: Maxed - Delilah (+6 emblems), Leo, Chao, Li Xiu, Wu Kong. @3-70 - Viv and Inari. Ranvir is undeveloped. No other yellows have emblems; Wilbur is currently getting my cleric emblems. I do not have Tarlak, btw.

I understand each of the three candidates powers very well. I’m willing to wait and hope for better until I get up to 9 or 10 darts. I know which way I am leaning. Just wondering what others would do since I am still undecided. Thanks for your feedback.

Tough call. 5* healers are rare, but you already have a great yellow thanks to Delilah. You have Wu maxed, so Ranvir really isn’t necessary. I know a lot of people really like Inari. She would give you the most variety in your bench. How C2P are you? Some people consider C2P buying VIP and nothing else… If you do a fair amount of pulls, you might wanna wait. Otherwise, I think I’d have to vote for Inari, for variety’s sake. She does something none of your other heroes do.

Another thing to consider: sand empire starts next Tuesday. Can you complete advanced? That gives you another poison darts.


Yes, I can finish all levels of Sand. I finished S2 Hard already. I can swing a 30x pull roughly every 2nd month of Atlantis. Got 16 free Atlantis pulls next month and 10 free hero coins for Sand.

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I think most people believe that this month Atlantis will feature Tarlak, Mitsuko, Gregorian, Athena. None of which are yellow… hm, I’d definitely say I wouldn’t do Vivica since you have Delilah. Ranvir is better than Wu, but I’m not sure how much benefit you’ll see. I’m actually trying to make that decision right now, since I have a maxed wu and an unleveled Ranvir. Like I said, I always favor variety. Inari will give that to you. You’ll get an 8th dart from Sand Empire, too.


I also have Delilah and think she’s the bee’s knees. I can’t imagine spending darts on Vivica. I might wait a bit until you burn your hero tokens (July 1) to see what you end up with from your pulls. Personally, I would love to have Inari (I have Delilah and Poseidon maxed, Onatel at 3.70 with a similar dart count).

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Inari, Viv and ranvir

I’ve all three maxed. Vivica is really good but you have Delilah, Inari is “Nice” but I don’t use that often. If you’re doing 12*/11* Titans I would go for Ranvir

Wukong is great but when it comes to very tough titans (9*/10*…) h’es very hard to manage and you waste time and potions healing him because else he get 2 shooted, even 1 shooted for extreme titans. In that case Ranvir is a great choice.

Yeah, I definitely think Ranvir is better. Still, I’ll have another shot at Tarlak soon, Miki is coming up… might not need Ranvir.

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Ranvir. Viv won’t see darts until you’re working on a second yellow team because you have so many maxed 5*. Del is simply flat out better. Inari brings great tile damage, so she’s okay for titans (though I’m not in love with the animation speed during a time dependent fight). Ranvir is also great for titans if you dont have Tarlak, but i think he is low key pretty good on raid offense and defense

Im reviving this topic as i need a little help…

Well it seems Ranvir and Vivica are neck 'n neck in this thread. Just today I received Vivica! From a TC20. My 3rd 5☆ from my 2 TC20s in the three months I’ve been running them. Not the best odds, but at least they come through once in a great while. I also received Leonidas last week! And I’ve had Ranvir in the wings for quite awhile waiting for Poseidon 4/66 to level up. I don’t have Inari. :persevere:

Now with Viv and Leonidas I have to make a decision. What all of you have said about Viv and Ranvir makes alot of sense.

So, would you be able to tell me if Leo is better or worse than the 2 of them? I like his +mana alot and the others can’t provide that. What say you?!?

So who exactly are your options & what level/ ascension are they at?

My options: Vivica, Leonidas and Ranvir. Oh, and a 4 star, Gretel. All at 1/1.

And who’s currently ascended?

Vivica, Gretel, Ranvir, Leonidas <- In this order :slight_smile: Ranvir and Leonidas work perfectly fine at 3/70

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I have in yellow: Drake Fong +3, Poseidon 4/78, Li Xiu +11, Danzaburo +7, Neith 3/70 and Chao 4/70.

Purple: Rigard +17, Mok-Arr 4/80, Tiburtus +3, Proteus +1, Ammeona +10 and Merlin 4/70. Just got Sartana 1/26.

Green: Evelyn +7, Kingston 4/80, Peters +18, Melendor +5, Margaret 3/47, Horghall 3/19. Lianna and Buddy in the wings.

Red: working on Mitsuko 4/39, Anzogh +4, Boldtusk +9, Falcon 4/70, Scarlett 4/70, Kelile 3/37 and Puss and Santa in the wings.

Blue: Sonya +20, Grimm +5, Triton +3, Kiril +1, C of Diamonds 4/70. Working on Isarnia +4/27. Vela and Richard in the wings.

Cool so:
Yellow I would probably advise Vivica. Purely because you don’t have a 5* healer or cleanser.
After that probably Ranvir if you need some extra survivability.

Thank you @Guvnor, your help is ALWAYS appreciated

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