Ascend Marge, Elkanen, or neither?

Hey all!

Have a question that is starting to eat at me now that I have 6 tonics. I have two 5* greens, Margaret and Elkanen. Marge is at 3/70, Elk is unleveled. I know neither of them are the greatest heroes ever, so Im wondering if I should spend the tonics on either to ascend or just hold off for now. I am mostly f2p, but I now have a TC20 running constantly and I also have 3 gold tokens and 1,300 atlantis coins saved up from recently completing hard mode, so I have the potential to pull another couple 5* soon. My fully leveled 4* greens are Gadeirus, Skittles, Caedmon for reference, have unlvld Little John and Melendor.

Any thoughts appreciated!

I would off for now. I’m not a big fan of either one, though I haven’t used them yet. I’d say wait until after your Atlantis pulls and decide then. You might get Tarlak

Oh I forgot to mention the other part of this question. If I hold off, who should I give my green feeders to in the meantime? I strictly always color match when leveling lol

Melendor is a pretty good 4* hero. I’d work on him while waiting for Atlantis. If you fiinsh him off before then I’d start working Elkanen to get him to 3-70.

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You can never go wrong with healers. Do Melendor next and Elk after him. He is ok and will help your team. Marge is just meh. Too bad, I have two of her and they’ll never gonna see any tonics.

Melendor, then Elk to 3/70

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I’m having exactly the same dilemma, up to 9 tonics.
I did my bulk pulls last month and got nothing to change the situation.

Without Eve, I’m not going to give them to Elk, but am wondering about Marg. (He’s ok for defense, but I’m more interested in offense than defense. If you have Eve, Would go for him.)

Marg gets alot of hate, but in raids/war she should have a role in the right spot?
I’m thinking of trying her out at 3/70 (still tier 2), with a team full of high tile damage dealers… for me likes of Poseidon, Inari, Azlar, Frida, Magni, and Sabina, Melendor. (not all maxed yet)

She’s a squishy hero so 3/70 won’t be much of a guide, but I’ve faced her in defense a few times with emblems (she’s not suited to defense) and her special is nearly permanently activated, so can protect your high attack squishy hero’s I.e Azlar
With a lvl 11 mana troop, it should only take 3 ghosted tiles (6 normal tiles) to active her special which is pretty sweet.
Especially effective against a team full of snipers and the high tile damage is good for a stack against titans, even though special isn’t especially useful.

I’ll prob wait until I have 10-11 tonics before pulling the trigger in case 2 x TC20’s decide to give me Lianna… so far 0-40 for 5* though, so not holding my breath.

Oof, 0-40, that is rough! I snagged Obakan and Leonidas so far from mine, just one going at all times for about the past two months.

Marge does get a lot of hate, and for the most part rightfully so. She was close to being a great hero! But she is highly specialized and can be difficult to utilize. I faced a fully leveled one recently though in a raid and she nearly got me. Her and Sabina were only two left and they kept dodging my attacks, and I always forget she also has elemental D buff. Which is pretty sweet at fast mana and could prove useful for also protecting nearby fellow greens from both specials and tiles.

For now I will just bide my time and work on Melen, but will perhaps ascend Marge in the future. Thanks for all the input everyone!

I just descovered how to use Margaret. She is great in raid for sniper. (only)

I had Marge in during this last war along side a rag tag team of heroes on about my 4th flag in, and she performed admirably! Dodged devastating hits from Azlar, Alasie and Sartana multiple times. I had no business surviving as long as I did against that team! Almost ended up taking em out. Although I am still going to hold off ascending her, it was endearing and she can definitely be a game changer at times

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