Ascention Advice

These are my green heroes

(full ascention)
Little John 4/70
Kashhrek 4/70

(Worked on)
Skittleskull 3/60
Melendor 3/60

and Elekanen 2/60

I have just enough to ascend one of the last 3. i only have Melendor as a dispeller but I’m well off for healers otherwise. I only have Chao as a fast mana hero other than Elkanen.

Who do you think I should ascend?

Melandor for sure.

Skittles is meh as you move up.

Elk is an average 5* at best and won’t work well unless at 80. Those tonics are hard to get, try and save them for someone else.

Mel will help you longer than either imo.


The green Gandalf :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies guys.

My only thought is that I have Boldtusk, Rigard, Kashhrek and Kiril as healers already so do I need Melendor maxed too?

He’s obviously useful for debuffs but always seems to die before I can even fire him.

Is he much more durable when maxed?

I do have 156 Druid emblems too use though…

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He is certainly useful as you dont have any dispel heroes yet.

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Would you advise using the emblems to buff his defense / health as he already has good attack for a healer

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If you emblem him, yes go for the def/HP route.

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Looks like it’s Gandalf then! Cheers guys


Seems like you’ve made your decision already, so just let me endorse it. Melendor is the best choice. I have him emblemed to +7 and take him everywhere. Yes, he’s a little fragile, but he’s worth it, especially as you have no other dispellers. I also have Skittleskull maxed, as I had a ton of shields and no other options. She is also fragile, and her special isn’t as helpful (slow mana). Both have pretty high tile damage, though. Don’t overlook that.

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Thanks Noble, I’ve reduced my TC20s down to two running now so I can level up what I have for a few weeks.

How did you use your emblems on Melendor?

I recently went from 2 TC20s down to 1 for the same reason. Leveling Rigard, Poseidon, Boril, and Caedmon all at the same time. (No red projects at the moment, sadly, so reds are also going to the very hungry Poseidon.) Since all their specials are at 8/8, I can use whatever pops out of my TC2 or TC19 immediately, without worrying about roster space. It’s pretty sweet.

HP/def all the way. Healers gotta heal, and they gotta be alive to heal. His tile damage is just a nice bonus. He’s in my blue titan stack because of his tile damage (so is Skittles, btw, and for the same reason), even though I never need a heal against titans because I have a very small alliance. Don’t discount that dispel, either. I actually run three dispellers (Melendor, Sabina, and Sonya) on my main raid team. When somebody like Wu or BT fires, you gotta be able to counteract that stuff pronto.

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I literally just pulled Sabina from my TC20, so typically I get another dispeller just as I ascend Melendor haha.

She will be useful to counter Wu like you said.

Always nice to get a 4*+ that you dont have.

Currently I’m leveling Guardian Owl (as he could be great in certain raid tournaments), Boril, Tibertus, Quintus, Melendor and now I’ll have Sabina to go too. So I will need a lot of purples!

(Oh, and I meant I went from 2 TC20s down to 1)

Yep. Alliance wars require 30 heroes, and you can’t have too many healers in that bunch.

Better to focus on one of each color at a time, and I’d make it Tiburtus or Sabina. Both are great. I have them both with emblems. Quintus is pretty lightly regarded as a five-star, and unless you have the tabards to take him all the way, he’ll be worse than either Tiburtus or Sabina at 3^70.

Sorry I should clairfy, I recently ascended Quintus to the last level as I’d had him forever on 3/70. He’s now something like 45/80.

I decided to max him as I have so many Sorcerer emblems to use and though he is slow mana, he could be really useful in the speed boost raid tournaments. Hitting everyone for 270% damage with very fast mana could be crazy!

Guardian Owl actually saved me in a war attack today, he was the last hero left and took out 4 of the opposition with one special and he’s only 54/2! Mix him with Quintus in a speed raid tournament and look out!

Tibertus is coming along at 21/3 and I have all the mats to take him up again when the time comes so Sabina will have to wait a little while

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Owl and Quintus are useful. Owl especially.

Ok, yeah, if you’ve already taken him to final ascension, go ahead and finish him. Probably best to put Tiburtus on hold until then, though. My Poseidon is just ahead of your Quintus (4^52), and the leveling gets pretty slow at that point.

I don’t have a lot of experience with or against Owl, but yes, in that circumstance, he would be brutal. Do you have the mats for him?

Just had a look and I do have enough to max Owl, whether I will when the time comes is another thing!

After Quintus I’m going to finish Gormek, Tibertus, Li Xiu and Melendor…The maybe get two TCs going again!

Good idea. Owl seems very niche (but very powerful within that niche), and darts take a LONG time to collect! Better if your first yellow five-star was a more general purpose hero. At the same time, sometimes you gotta roll with what you’ve got!

I can speak for three of these. I use Gormek and Melendor all day, every day, and Tiburtus is one of my most powerful bench heroes. All great choices. Li Xiu came too late and got stuck behind Poseidon in my pecking order, but among four-star yellows, she seems like a very good choice as well. Good luck.

My other 4* yellows are Hu Tao x2, both at 3/60, two Chao, one maxed the other 3/60 and Danzaburo, full level yet frustrating haha.

I’m still finiding Melendor to be way to squishy to be useful but I haven’t maxed him yet

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