Caedmon +20 or Elkanen maxed?

Guys, I need help. My attack team now is. Seshat, Caedmon, Vivica, JF and Joon. Caed is fully talented. I’m leveling Elk and I’m thinking he might be a substitute for Caed. But I have my doubts coz Caed has better kick plus debufs. Not impressed by Elk’s self healing at all, it’s selfish. Pretty weak 5* hero if you ask me. Plus, all my cleric emblems go to Viv of course.
Please advise…

Buff = add positive status effect
Debuff = add negative status effect
Dispell = clear positive status effect
Cleanse = clear negative status effect

Caedmon is utility dispell enemies. A dispeller.
So there are no conflict, it depend on opponents with many buffs skill heroes choose Caedmon.
Or choose Melendor and Elkanen. But Melendor is avarage and squishy.
Seshat is also dispeller like caedmon but only 3-opponent.

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