Melendor vs Caedmon

Which one to ascend first? luckily got 4 shields and it will be my first fully ascended green hero.
Beside them my team contains Merlin, Wu Kong, Bold Tusk and Grimm so I have one healer (BT) and I play with Melendor (Caedmon is on Third badge low level yet) I and feel lack of power running with 2 healers so… I rather wait to ascend Caedmon. What do you think?

I ascended Caedmon as my first green 4* and didn’t look back.

I do have Mel fully leveled now but use Caed more for his fast hit and debuff. Mel has debuff but doesn’t hit.

I would go Caedmon first though as you could use a hitter in your lineup.

Caedmon first. You have a healer already in BT, and a fast hitter is always useful

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Thx, just as I thought! So I just have to level Caed faster :slight_smile:

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Make sure to color match at least until his special is maxed.

I normally level 1 of each color always so mine level slower but it helps keep things organized. I also always feed same color even after the special is maxed.

there’s no reason to olynuse green heroes. i haven’t color matched my feeders since my very first 4 stars and i’ve never had a 4 or 5 star that wasn’t 8/8 by level 70 and that’s across 70 heroes leveled.

you must be lucky. I have had a few have issues getting max on specials. I always color match and level 1 of each color at a time. It works best for me.

on 4 and 5 star? i’m not sure i know a single person who has had a 4 or 5 star not be 8/8 by max level.

A couple 4*. I only color feed so lucky enough to hit it before 60.

I lack gloves most of the time so that is as far as they go until I get some and it is their turn to go to 70.

5* I agree most will hit it. As mine have.

But I still color feed just cuz thats how I have always done it.

Back to topic.

Since you have not specified a team type, the choice is a coin toss. Mel is better for titans, and since you (OP) said Wu is a primary team member, he would be my choice for you.

I prefer a raiding team as it opens more chests daily, and that attack team will benefit more from Caedmon, imo.

Off topic: color sorting for leveling heroes is not necessary above 3*.

I must be really unlucky then on the special
Leveling…I’m approaching 3/60 with my Boldtusk and his special is level 6. I’ve only fed Reds to him as well. I’ll get the level 8 for sure, but maybe not until the last ascension level. When that happens I’ll stop color matching.