Costume Gormek - Yay or Nay?

Not heard much chatter about Gormek with costume, but he seems highly useful to me. Kills all minions (w/healing bonus) then hits all. I don’t have any of the minion killers (Grimble, Skadi, Noor, etc.) so I am thinking about dropping a bunch of emblems on him. Anyone have feedback from experience with him?

I have a bunch of emblems on Ametrine but I’ve not been impressed and don’t really use her much. Should I move emblems to Gormek? If so, what path? He’s really sturdy for a 4* and most important he stays alive, but it would be nice to increase the damage to all.

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A big Yay for me. If you have a maxed Gomek already, it makes him a lot stronger with the costume bonus. It also makes it niche with the costume on if you are up against the minion maker meta. Saves you from having to use 4* Mats on a hero like Grimble. I approve!


I hope he’s better than the abysmal Gobbler

I put my Gobbler up to +19 just for kicks during a minion war and he was still awful.


IMO, do you use troop mana level 23?, if not then mana troop level 11 with +20 node druid which is crusial 9 tiles. I do not have him maxed though, so just a theory.

Back to OP, Gormek costume bonus with mana troop level 5 is great to try, I hope I was getting him and Grimm, but I only get new costume Cyprian and Colen this month.

I do not have Ametrine, but it seems very good in paper, I plan to full emblem Ametrine if I can get her, dispell and damage at flexible charge.
Emblems will come eventually.


With my late night snacking, I can call myself “The Abysmal gobbler”. :cry:


Your wish is granted, congratulations.


Bwahahahahaha!! Not my intent but I love it!!


I got Wilbur before Gormek, so Gormie has been sitting at 3.60 for … years… until I got his costume last week. Planning mostly to use the costume version. Any recommendations for emblem path? I have over 400 emblems so thinking of taking him to at least +18. I’m thinking full attack.

Mostly as minion manager for wars/pvp

If you are using him costume on only, I think I’d do attack for what you explained his role will be. That said, make SURE you look at the costume talent grid and follow that path when giving him emblems.


His purpose is to survive long against Freya and Bera Center in double formation and minions will be removed immediately regardless of attack power, so I went full DEF-HP.
The status is +20 and is 650-714-1691.
I can also compete with minion center players who hold global rankings for hours. In fact, I have defeated the 3000CP team many times.


I was testing c.Gormek today - no emblems, but he was super cool against heavy minion teams! With some strayegy involved, he becomes a very powerful healer - in one of the battles he healed the team by +1000 (not all could be absorbed, but still impressive).

He will definitely get some emblems soon, as my first real anti-minions hero. He could be a cheap solution to the current meta, very satisfied with him.

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating.


Yup, that munchkin does the trick with Bera/Freya nowdays for me. Usually red/purple combo and it works like a charm. I remember how I was pretty clueless about fighting Bera tanks, and then I leveled c.Gormek. Perspective changed, thank you. :joy:

We have the same story. My Gomek was sitting at 3/60 since 2018 by reason that I have Wilbur. I have recently ascended Gormek to the fourth tier and will resume leveling the costume version still currently at 2/38.

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CGormek has been great fun in war. I can seek out those bases with a couple minion generators and let him munch away

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