Time to move on

i need a new alliance. the group i’m in is nice but we struggle to get 5* down. at this rate i will never get my needed ascension items. we have a small group of dedicated players and the rest just barely participate.
i am typically in the top 3 hitters, generally good for around 80k per titan.
i hit every day and use all my points.
my team power is currently 2950. my cups are low because i keep them that way.
i’m friendly and helpful.
what i’m looking for:
i want to be on a team that regularly takes out 6* and maybe even 7*.
i don’t want a group of hard-asses. at the end of the day- its a game.
i am looking for an english speaking group and would prefer one that is relatively talkative in chat.

Come to battle Toads we take down seven stars regularly. Tell them Pops sent you :slight_smile:


Warning, @ruse
When I had team strength around 3000, I had similar thoughts, so I changed to the excellent Misfit Toys Alliance run by @Rook. Loved the alliance - very helpful and great bunch of people. But I got a very rude awakening about what it’s like to take on higher Titans (7, 8 and 9*).

I found myself having to consume battle items at a dizzy rate to be anywhere near competitive in loot tier (and I’m talking Performance Rank B here) and to stay alive until the end. And the rewards you get at Performance Rank B/C for a higher star titan? Total Rubbish.

It was a massive net loss for me, burning battle items at a rate that I could not keep up with their production, with absolutely NADA back in Titan loot.

The better alliances also bring more pressure. Even though they were nice about it, you know that if you miss too many Titans, you’re out. You also put pressure on yourself to contribute… and this is hard when you have team power of 3000 and little by way of team depth in a group that are all much higher, and with much more variation/depth to their heros.

I left their group (left the game for a bit, actually), then had a change in heart and came back and re-joined my original alliance, and have grown with them since on a far more relaxed basis. (I am now the alliance leader - Phalanx). I have seen this alliance grow from 3* Titans to now stand against 6* (sometimes) and it’s been a pleasure to be in it while it grew.

So… if your motivation is to join a stronger alliance for better loot - be warned. You may be disappointed. If you want to join a stronger alliance to grow in it and are willing to accept more of a challenge and some more pressure (and generally rewarded by exposure to far more experienced players in the game), then Go For It. :slight_smile:

Just my 2p.


Agreed. My team is not ready for regular 7* competition. Occasionally, maybe, but I think I’d be ok with consistent 5 and 6.
I’m not looking to rule the world, just want to get my items to ascend my team of 4* that are all sitting at 3/60, learn a bit from better players, and have a more active chat.

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@ruse, if you’re still looking, our alliance, “The Quest of Titans”, it’s the right level for you.

We regularly take on 6* Titans, then get defeated by 7* and cycle back to 6*.

We have a strong group of core players having a good time, english speaking chat, helpful to our less experienced players and some good personalities keeping it fun.

Hope to see your there or that you find a place that works well for you.


If you are relying on gaining critical Ascension Items via Titan defeat rank, you’re headed for a bad experience. There is so little of a difference in the different grades earned from placement finishes and the loot received from those ranks that it is not worth fretting about. The main awards you’ll ever get for Titan defeats will come from the Wanted Mission Titan Meter. It is better to be on an Alliance that takes down 5 Titans a week than to finish with an “A” grade a few times a week while spending vast amounts of Battle Items.

May I differ? I’ve gotten far more—over time—from Titan drops than I have from a Titan Wanted Chest here and there. :slightly_smiling_face:



Titan chest is almost always rubbish for me (with a note that others do occasionally mention an ascension item from them). I am however pretty lucky getting them from titans.

Disclaimer: my image on titans has partially been messed with bc I’m now consistently hitting 10* titans, and they give way more materials. It might be possible that when you defeat lower titans, the chance of ascension materials are so low that you do have better chances with the titan chest.

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Rook, I agree that you’ll get more ascension items in overall Titan drops (as well you should because you have to defeat 5 Titans per Titan Wanted Mission chest). My premise was the need for higher grades in proportion to rare ascension loot.

It is far more important to be in an Alliance that takes down a large percentage of Titans than to be consistently graded high each Titan.

Rare loot is the biggest wall in this game. The best way to earn it is consistency in completing rare Quests, taking advantage of Mystic Vision, and being on an Alliance that is Titan defeating.

If you’re on a team that is not earning you a Titan Wanted Mission chest once a week…find a new Alliance.

Agree you want to be in a Titan-killing alliance, but Loorts has a great point: What (lvl) titans are you killing?

Rook, right now I’m on an Alliance taking down 5s. I was on a team battling 7-8* with horrible results.

Edit: I also think Loort’s point is solid. BUT, most players in the OP’s position would not fair well (if even being accepted to join) in an Alliance of Loort’s standing. Loort is an elite player on an elite team. Most players would be better served by finding an Alliance that consistently hit Titans.

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Heh, I realize we’ve taken the OP’s thread far afield. Back to topic:

@Ruse Did you find that 5/6* alliance you were looking for?

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I don’t mind the derailment. Learning from game elders is useful.
So can someone correct me if I’m wrong:
A rank on a 5* is equivalent to C on a 7* in terms of amount of spins and quality of items available in those spins?

I have not jumped ship as of yet. I’ve been reading this thread for advice first. If I’m better off taking A or A+ on 5s, or, getting into 7s when I’m not ready will slow me down, then I don’t want to move.

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Ruse, the decision to stay in your current Alliance should be based on a couple factors.

Do at least 25 members attack the Titan every time?
Does the leadership remove inactive players quickly?

These two questions can determine a growing Alliance. Many Alliances that are attacking 7*+ Titans have stricter rules on Titan participation. Based on the metrics you have many teams would gladly have you. You’d probably be a second tier (out of three) on a six or seven star team. Many players in your current position do try to move up to better Alliances.

The best advice I have is if you leave do it gracefully, let your teammates know why your leaving, thank them for the experience, and wish them luck.

One of the best features of this game is that there is no cost to Alliance jumping.

Good luck, and I wish I’d have a spot for you on my team. Also, try the Alliance Recruitment forum for possibilities.


Regarding getting ascension items from Titan drops, I’ve found since the 1.8 update that I’ve gotten AIs when I ranked only grade B, whereas I’ve yet to get anything whenever I rank A+ (maybe 1/3 of the 3-5*s my alliance is fighting).

Take this observation with a grain of salt: it’s based on a very small sample over a short time period, so I may just be on a lucky streak.

Over six months I’ve developed a raid/map team at 3450 power, but for certain color Titans, I have poor choices for attacking cards & can only muster ~2900, which often leads to dismal results.

I’m in an alliance that only had 7 members when I joined. Within a couple of months we decided to actively recruit newbies & help them develop. Our strategy was to use wave tactics to defeat 4 & 5* Titans. When we got to 30 members, it worked & we started beating 5*s.

Sadly, we lost two of our strongest attackers who got fed up waiting to ascend heroes & dropped E & P. Our win rate dropped & participation started flagging. I’m a Co-leader & I’ve kicked over a dozen players, including my own grandson, for not hitting Titans or playing regularly, but the leader isn’t maintaining an aggressive development strategy & I don’t want to rock the boat.

I’ve considered looking for another alliance myself (I keep eyeing Misfit Toys @Rook), but I’m a novelist working on a major revision of my latest manuscript & right now I can’t commit to the regularity & consistency the best alliances require, so I’m standing pat.

Cheers on finding an alliance that works for you.

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For my part the maths is simple.
If you are regularly finishing in A tier on 5* Titan, it’s equivalent to finishing on C on 7*… except for 7* you are more likely to need to use battle items to survive or do any reasonable damage. So then you’ll be better off on the 5*.

I feel it’s probably more about the ‘feel’ of your alliance rather than the Titans. I would now only consider moving on to better alliance when I’m confident I can face 7* items without having to spam battle items to contribute or survive, otherwise it just isn’t worth it. The cost in items way outweighs the very small increase in chance in Ascension items. (To be clear, the chance is big in relative percentage terms, but still small in absolute terms… adding 1 more ascension item slot to increase from 2 to 3 actually improves your chances by 50% (which is big relative increase)… but 50% increased chance of only a 1% chance of rolling an Ascension item increases your absolute chance from 1% to 1.5%… which is still somewhat meh in absolute terms).

(Mostly I prefer the idea of being in a more ‘junior’ alliance that is growing/improving/moving to better quality titans than being in an already mature alliance that is just cranking the handle… but that’s personal preference.)

Come join us at marvelous beast…``

This thread is from a year ago… I expect they found somewhere!

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