Alliance with War Strategy?

Hey Everyone,

Started the game in December of last year and have been with my first alliance ever since. I love them and am a co-leader/leader. That said, it’s the only alliance I’m familiar with when it comes to alliance wars.

War chest will be filled after wednesday’s war and I thought it was time to experience another alliance that has a more structured/coordinated alliance approach to wars.

Here are some of my stats

*highest trophies 2844

  • highest titan damage 101575 (that was only once though and wu, a mono yellow team, diamonds, really helped against a dark titan!)

  • Defense TP 4243

  • War Teams: 2 war teams >4100 TP, 2 war teams 3400-3600, 2 war teams 2700-2900 (still new and still filling out my bench =)

I also use LINE but I do have discord if that’s preferred.

Any alliance willing to let me train and experience war strategies (and of course I’ll hit titans daily as well) for a week?

Thanks everyone!

Come give Crew a try, we are a family based alliance with several different level factions, if you would like more information please feel free to contact me directly in Line: david_kick. Look forward to speaking with you.


Hi dez.

I was in your situation about half year ago. I joined Assassins Inc. and never looked back! I’ve learned so much and have grown alot in this alliance. We hit 10-11* titans, use line, and have a war strategy.

We are an adult group from around the world, active chat, and an understanding that real life sometimes interfere with the game. Great leadership as well.

Come check us outcome!

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thanks @HeathenHammer i’ll message you on line! my line is: Amateur Dez

Thanks @PikeKing I’ll look up the alliance after wednesday’s war. Do you have line or discord?

We use line. My line id is mahonk77. Drop me a line if you have any questions.

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I tried looking you up but could not find you under that name.

Strange, I should be reachable under mahonk77

Sorry line id no space: amateurdez

Message me on line at saberofempires.

We’re Casual but Competitive, Warm & Welcoming… And have room. I’d be glad to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.


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Hey there! Join us at Fate and Fortune small family friendly alliance no language, but we are 17-5 in war currently, and trying to build up, our strategies are really solid, would love to have some more members join in!

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