[May 8, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Mysticism Guide & Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Success on 3rd stage in only my second eligible trial - just hit stage 30 and my team for Druid/cleric trial is poor.

Wizard / sorcerer is probably my strongest so was looking forward to this one.

Kiril + 6 (now emblems for 8 after the win), Onatel 3/45, Sabina +7, Cheshire Cat 3/49 and Balthazar 3/17

Decided to go safe and nuked with Bombs, axes & arrows, used 3-4 health pots to keep Balthazar alive… pretty clean run, only lost Balthazar.

Other trials will be an issue tho as they are my only two healers … 2 dupe Sabina at 1/1, Kashrek 1/1 and belith 1/1

Trainer hero is getting stashed for now


Its incredible how much a hero can change your outcome in these trials.
If i remember correctly i have never tried the third stage, because i was really poor on wiz/sorcerers.
Last Atlantis magically got Proteus [and in the meantime maxed Ameonna] and d@mn he’s a game changer.

I didnt even expect to use just a few items either with such an under leveled team, was already prepared to nuke them for the outerspace.

  • Kiril 3/60
  • Skittleskull 4/70 +0
  • Ameonna 4/70 +7
  • Kashhrek 3/60
  • Proteus 3/60

Surprisingly i’ve only used 2 dragons, 2 bombs and 7 mana potions. One axe attack was used in the first mob level to give me some room for building a bit of mana.


Maybe my weakest Trials team: Sabina (max), Sartana (max), Kiril (max), Merlin (3-60), Kashrek (3-60). It seemed fine on paper (especially with 3 healers) but I had to use 4 dragon attacks and 3 revive scrolls, not my best outing today :neutral_face: glad this Trial is behind me now.


Dayum… bad boards?
On paper it looked like a good team, maybe 3 dark heroes were to many for the boss level where you have 2 dark bosses? I had a much weaker team but i recon that even if the 3/60 Proteus was kinda useless in the mob lvls, on the boss level he was the real MVP.

Hope to get some gloves to bump him to lvl 70.

I didn’t change my team from last time, except for more talents on Sabina. They were:

  • Sabina+8
  • Skittleskull 4^70
  • Onatel 3^70
  • Ameonna 3^60
  • Ulmer 3^50

I should have changed out Ulmer for Jahangir 3^50. For the second time in a row, Ulmer died early in the mob waves, depriving me of his special and another target for the mobs to spread out damage. Ameonna looks downright hearty compared to him. The other option would be to emblem him, since I have no other wizards that can use the emblems right now, but that would basically ensure that I draw Kiril immediately!

The problem with this trial is that Sabina and Ameonna are usually great together, but so many of the bosses are purple, which severely hampers that usefulness. Despite an early exit for Ulmer, I used Sabina’s heal strategically and made it thorough the mob waves with almost all my small healing potions. Once I got to the boss wave, most of my matches were under Balthazar, which again is unfortunate, since my hardest hits should have come from purple matches. Onatel’s mana control was key; I probably lose without it. Balthazar targeted ghost Ameonna with his special once, which was nice, and probably saved somebody’s life. Unfortunately, Sabina ended up on the business end of the lightning jolt, which was the beginning of the end for my team. With no healer, I used up my small healing potions pretty quickly, and then Quintus fried Skittleskull. At that point, I only had Onatel and Ameonna standing, so it was time to unload the arsenal. Five bombs, five axes, and three dragon attacks to claim the emblems.

Sorcerer emblems go to Sabina, who is now my most heavily emblemed hero at +9. Wizard emblems stay in storage for now, awaiting one worthy of their power. The purple trainer hero will help me finish my Balthazar project so I can finally start on Domitia!

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Went in with two diamonds ready and a full charge on specials. Merlin went down quick so that messed up my plan a bit lol. I think I may have forgotten to use an antidote after Ulmer went off the first time because Kiril got one-shot. Oh well, we still made it through! Hoping to draw a Proteus in the next Altantis summon to really go in with confidence next time, and maybe no battle items!

Hardest trail for me. My only emblemed sorcerer is Gill-Ra lol, and that’s due to lack of sorcerers. Sabina is almost there though… she at level 40 and just needs a couple more levels.

With Wizards I have Kiril at least, but no one else really aside from him. Balthazar and Ulmer are too frail for level three.

I do have Mitsuko at level 2/60. She should hopefully be useful against the last bosses (Ulmer mainly) if I bring mana pots.

Waiting for WE to regenerate before trying level 3.

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My team did not change since last time, there hasn’t been much in the way of wizards or sorcs to level. I will be bringing up Isarnia soon, but Lepus is ahead of her.

The final fight for this one has been the Proteus and Onatel Show for quite some time. Everything was going according to plan, when a normal attack killed Proteus.


I suddenly had to tighten my game up, as now I couldn’t keep them from firing their specials. Balt killed Kiril not too much later, and I was really getting worried. I was able to reflect Ulmer’s attack with Mitsuko, which didn’t kill him, but did debuff him. Quintus went off, and he missed Mitsuko and Onatel, but poor Sabina was toast.

I was able to finish Ulmer with tiles, but Balt and Quintus were able to finish Mitsuko. I burned the last of my antidotes to give Onatel what health I could.

I took down Balt before he could fire again, and then worked on finishing Quintus. A normal attack from him hurt, and basically suggested that, if he went off again, I was wiped. I hit a diamond on the board, and the resulting cascade was enough to kill him. It was the narrowest of victories.

The Sorc emblems belong to Mitsuko. The Wizard emblems remain unused (waiting for Isarnia? What is my problem?) The trainer will go to my next 5* purple (one day, have three 4* in line ahead of whomever that might be).


Getting complacent with lineups that worked before might be the greatest cause for losing a trial level which one may not have had trouble clearing before because they tend to forget two factors. One, this is still a Trial stage, not your normal Raid lineup or even your Farm team, so you have to re-adjust your playing mindset to ones that you may not use as much/often. Two, RNG board can screw you up if boards are unfriendly.

As evident by my trial today, I have:
Quintus at 3^52 (slightly better than last time)
Sabina 4^70 +9 (she was emblemed higher since last)
Kashhrek 4^70 (same)
Kiril 3^44 (replaced a 3^50 Jahangir from last time)
Isarnia 4^80 +3 (same)

So… not only did I bring in one more healer than before, I replaced the Red Damage + DOT from Jahangir, should have an easier time right? Well, the mobs are much easier handled since I didn’t have to baby Jahangir from being killed off as quickly. Then we come to the final bosses.

Mad Scientist Quintus who “still” hasn’t learned to control his runaway Golems and his two assistants Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb
Ulmer: You are Dumb!
Balthazar: No, You are Dumb!
Quintus: Silence! My Dumb Dumb helpers. Here they come to stop my out of control Golems, but we are going to surprise them by joining the Golems in the fight! Wee hee hee!
Balthazar/Ulmer: Umm, Doctor… Isn’t that what we always do?
Quintus: Silence!!!

Looking to stave off my dependence of battle items, I chose not to use Timestop that I brought and see how I can handle this with lesser items. So Dragon / Bomb were still used. The RNG showed its hand fairly quickly, not enough green tiles to help do damage to Ulmer and he managed to fire off his special and Balthazar’s quick charge dealt pretty serious damage. The board is also littered with red tiles that would’ve caused damage had I still had Jahangir, so moves that triggered cascading red tiles ended up charging up the bosses fairly quickly. Kiril was the first to go, followed by Quintus. Well, so much for the multi-healer approach and now Kash can’t even reach Isarnia to heal her because she’s on the other side and Sabina doesn’t have enough mana for the heal yet and she’s seeing red. I also did not bring mana potion this time.

Eventually, I had to rely on taking out Ulmer first, by ways of the Dragon/Bomb, and ghosting some tiles to help take out Balthazar. Quintus gave me a scare because he did fire off his special once that almost wiped me out, but a well placed board doing neutral damage eventually finished him off.

Point of the experience. Don’t take RNG lightly, not on a 4000 TP stage, not with a lineup you might not normally be used to, don’t forget to pack antidotes / mana on the fight if you choose not to nuke.


My squad.

I brought Sartana up to 4^80 since last time, so she replaced Proteus. This is my favorite set of trials, with some of my favorite heroes. Between Mitsuko cutting mana, Onatel stealing mana, and Hel blocking mana, I got through without using any items and with Balthazar being the only boss to fire his special one time. I kind of wish I had let Ulmer go off, just so I could watch him obliterate himself against Mitsuko’s blue reflect.

Hel and Mitsuko are getting the emblems, and the 3* trainer will be fed to Kunchen, who will likely be my next purple to go to final ascension (unless I get lucky enough to pull Kage during the upcoming Atlantis event).


I didn’t mention it, but one of my takeaways from this fight today is to only lock down Quintus and Balthazar, and let Mitsuko kill Ulmer first. Hopefully I will remember for next time.


I replace Graymane with Ameonna and I also have some troops change/leveling.

Old Team:

New Team:

Easier, I don’t need to use dragon attacks anymore.

Used items: 10x Healing Potions, 8x Mana Potions, 4x Bomb Attacks.

Waiting for Proteus and Sabina to be maxed.


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A lot easier this time.Finished stage 3.May be my best class team. Did use a few attack items this time.

Proteus was at 3.42 and Kiril at 2.41…so I massivly leveled Kiril since then. All my troopes gained 1 lvl, too. So TS was around 200 higher than last time.

Emblems to Sabina.Trainer to Tiburtus (already eaten…mjam)


That didn’t even cross my mind. I just kept firing at Quintus because he’s in the middle, and Hel, Onatel, and Mitsuko all hit three. I’ll have to make a note of that as well. Good idea, Mr. Vash!


this team got me through all stages easily! Jahangir died, of course, but the rest carried the day (and Jahangir did his job before dying, firing his special twice)


Cheshire 3-5, Sabina 3-60, Kashkrek 4-70, Proteus +3, Jahangir 3-50.
The cat and Jahangir died on the first wave :rofl:. Used 2 dragons + 2 axes and lots of mana potions.
Always had Kash or Sabina ready to fire.
Ulmer fired once, the other two haven’t. Proteus and Sabina died at the end so had to use a last dragon.
First completion, got recently lvl30.
It was challenging
Rigard ate the trainer, Proteus got to +4 and the other emblems are waiting for a worthy hero!


My worst trial, take four.

Kiril, Skittleskull @ 3.60, Jahangir, Cochin and Quintus @ 3.35.

Quintus replaced Graymane and for the first time I was able to do some actual damage before setting off the nukes. Took a chance, left the axes behind, and went with minor healing, healing, bombs and dragon attacks. Walked away with three dragon attacks.

Could have got away with leaving the dragon attacks behind and taking axes and bombs, but it would have been cutting it close. Next time Quintus should be 3.70 and I will give it a try.

Looks like I’ll be able to wean myself off dragon attacks in the trials before I run out. :grinning:


Last time

This time. Reset Kiril’s emblems for a loss of 2 and 5 gem cost. Put them on Zeline. Finally am upping Mitsuko to 3/70 in prep to give her rings possibly.
This is my easiest trial. I’m very Wizard heavy in my roster.
I just did this…

Soooooo, the 3* purple feeder will likely go to him soon. :slight_smile:


Went with Kiril-Sartana+3-Kashrek-Ulmer-Sabina. Underpowered by a lot so I nuked em. There are several Trials I’m really not ready for (my roster just isn’t what it needs to be) but I’m about done blowing 4 dragon attacks and 3 bombs on them. Guess I’ll have to catch up later but I’m running low on dragon bones now so I don’t have much choice. Hopefully I’ll pull Proteus eventually but we’ll see. Sabina and Sartana are getting the emblems, I’m saving the trainer for now.

this team got me through all 3 stages. with Kiril and Sabina healing, and Kiril’s defense boost, Jahangir managed to fire off twice against the bosses before dying. Proteus mana controlled and Skittleskull reduced attack. only needed like 3 mana potions.

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