[May 8, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Mysticism Guide & Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My squad.

I brought Sartana up to 4^80 since last time, so she replaced Proteus. This is my favorite set of trials, with some of my favorite heroes. Between Mitsuko cutting mana, Onatel stealing mana, and Hel blocking mana, I got through without using any items and with Balthazar being the only boss to fire his special one time. I kind of wish I had let Ulmer go off, just so I could watch him obliterate himself against Mitsuko’s blue reflect.

Hel and Mitsuko are getting the emblems, and the 3* trainer will be fed to Kunchen, who will likely be my next purple to go to final ascension (unless I get lucky enough to pull Kage during the upcoming Atlantis event).


I didn’t mention it, but one of my takeaways from this fight today is to only lock down Quintus and Balthazar, and let Mitsuko kill Ulmer first. Hopefully I will remember for next time.


I replace Graymane with Ameonna and I also have some troops change/leveling.

Old Team:

New Team:

Easier, I don’t need to use dragon attacks anymore.

Used items: 10x Healing Potions, 8x Mana Potions, 4x Bomb Attacks.

Waiting for Proteus and Sabina to be maxed.


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A lot easier this time.Finished stage 3.May be my best class team. Did use a few attack items this time.

Proteus was at 3.42 and Kiril at 2.41…so I massivly leveled Kiril since then. All my troopes gained 1 lvl, too. So TS was around 200 higher than last time.

Emblems to Sabina.Trainer to Tiburtus (already eaten…mjam)


That didn’t even cross my mind. I just kept firing at Quintus because he’s in the middle, and Hel, Onatel, and Mitsuko all hit three. I’ll have to make a note of that as well. Good idea, Mr. Vash!


this team got me through all stages easily! Jahangir died, of course, but the rest carried the day (and Jahangir did his job before dying, firing his special twice)


Cheshire 3-5, Sabina 3-60, Kashkrek 4-70, Proteus +3, Jahangir 3-50.
The cat and Jahangir died on the first wave :rofl:. Used 2 dragons + 2 axes and lots of mana potions.
Always had Kash or Sabina ready to fire.
Ulmer fired once, the other two haven’t. Proteus and Sabina died at the end so had to use a last dragon.
First completion, got recently lvl30.
It was challenging
Rigard ate the trainer, Proteus got to +4 and the other emblems are waiting for a worthy hero!


My worst trial, take four.

Kiril, Skittleskull @ 3.60, Jahangir, Cochin and Quintus @ 3.35.

Quintus replaced Graymane and for the first time I was able to do some actual damage before setting off the nukes. Took a chance, left the axes behind, and went with minor healing, healing, bombs and dragon attacks. Walked away with three dragon attacks.

Could have got away with leaving the dragon attacks behind and taking axes and bombs, but it would have been cutting it close. Next time Quintus should be 3.70 and I will give it a try.

Looks like I’ll be able to wean myself off dragon attacks in the trials before I run out. :grinning:


Last time

This time. Reset Kiril’s emblems for a loss of 2 and 5 gem cost. Put them on Zeline. Finally am upping Mitsuko to 3/70 in prep to give her rings possibly.
This is my easiest trial. I’m very Wizard heavy in my roster.
I just did this…

Soooooo, the 3* purple feeder will likely go to him soon. :slight_smile:


Went with Kiril-Sartana+3-Kashrek-Ulmer-Sabina. Underpowered by a lot so I nuked em. There are several Trials I’m really not ready for (my roster just isn’t what it needs to be) but I’m about done blowing 4 dragon attacks and 3 bombs on them. Guess I’ll have to catch up later but I’m running low on dragon bones now so I don’t have much choice. Hopefully I’ll pull Proteus eventually but we’ll see. Sabina and Sartana are getting the emblems, I’m saving the trainer for now.

this team got me through all 3 stages. with Kiril and Sabina healing, and Kiril’s defense boost, Jahangir managed to fire off twice against the bosses before dying. Proteus mana controlled and Skittleskull reduced attack. only needed like 3 mana potions.

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