🔵 [May 29, 2019] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Yes, I bring her along.

Really hate it… I just realize how annoying it is… I used to nuke them before but now that I have Scarllet I try to reduce the bombing ammount but is hampered by attack debuff from the bosses… Only Ameonna can espace it… I didn’t bring antidotes… :sweat:

Scarlett replacing Graymane.

Old Team:

New Team:

Easier as the bombing items used is reduced.

10 Healing Potions, 5 Arrow Attacks, 4 Bomb Attacks, 2 Dragon Attacks:

Waiting for Sabina & Scarlett.



thanks for the reminder, I was on auto-battle doing some S2 missions and almost forgot lol!

Have Aemonna as well but she’s not even at 3/60 yet. Gill-Ra is very slightly better than her right now (with that many emblems was to be expected)

Waiting for WE to refill, before I try last stage.

EDIT: GOT EM coach!! :slight_smile:

I switched Mitsuko for Aemonna lol. :ghost: form ended up taking Domitia’s skill multiple times to save the rest of my team, used 3 axes and 1 Dragon attack.

She was my only casualty in the boss stage too. Even Gill-Ra stayed alive and well.


Same team as previous, Scarlett 4/70, G.Jackal +6, Kelile 3/60, Sabina 4/70 and Skittles 3/60

Only difference here is Sabina, previously she was 3/60.

Items only at final stage : 2 arrows, 3 carpet bombs, 1 dragon attack and 5 healing potions. Got distracted and Skittles died mid way into the battle.

Banking the ice trainer till I have a blue project., same goes for both emblems , possibly the rogue would go to Inari when maxed, the sorcerer would wait for a worthy hero.


I used Scarlett +11, Sabina +9, Danzaburo, Kelile/Amoenna 3x60. I used some bombing stuff on the bosses on the last stage.

No items or continues needed this time. That Dodge ability is super-annoying but didn’t trigger as often this time around. Here’s my team

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I used an unmaxed Sabina, unmaxed Marjana, Gil Ra with family tree level 18, Dawa, family tree 19, unmaxed Ameonna and took Bombs, Dragons, Arrows and heal potions. My first time beating all 3 stages because of just getting Marjana


You have a Dawa with talent 19?
Cooooooooooool :+1:t4:


2/60 Alice
+7 Jackal
4/42 Kelile
3/60 Sabina
3/33 Danza
Scarlett attack down made the fight harder than it should have been. No enemy dodged anything, so it made things easier. Skittle fell first, then Domitia and finally Scarlett
Trainer for Sonya
Emblems for Jackal
Sorcerer are still unused


-I do have Sabina and I brought her along. Even at only 3/60 she was really useful. I want to max her, but I am low on trap tools and want to max Hel. Hopefully I can get more trap tools soon.
-I brought antidotes to deal with debuffs. Peters silence ability was very helpful. **I think there might be a slight mistake there, rogues only dodge direct damage, not the debuffs.

-My team this time: Sabina 3/60, Peters 4/70, Marjana 4/80+4, Guardian Jackal 4/10, Danzaburo 3/60.
My team last time: Sabina 3/60, Peters 3/60, Marjana 4/80+3, Ameonna 3/60, Danzaburo 3/60
-The changes made the trial a lot easier. I am not a fan of Ameonna and did not find her ability especially useful for the trials. However, leveling up Guardian Jackal to stack yellow and take advantage of elemental defense down was extremely helpful. The trials were a lot easier this time around.
-I used a couple of small health and mana pots, arrows to blind, and antidotes to remove debuffs.
-Marjana made it to plus +5. I haven’t used any sorcerer emblems and am just hoarding them for the moment.
-Ariel ate the Trainer Hero.
-Nothing else interesting to share, I just think there is a small mistake in the special questions: Rogues can only dodge the direct damage and do not help deal with the attack debuffs.

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This line up is interesting to me… Sabby (lil sis, behind my Sarty) and ScarJo are my dames!
Skittles was my 1st 4* and I just haven’t gotten around to finishing her.
Dawa I hung on to hate level because I legit wanted a holy option for THESE trials.
Kelile… something about this card has just never done anything for me. I dunno, I’ve just always had another fire hero I want to level more.

Sabs kept Dawa and Kel in there for a while, but I made it to the Bosses on hard with just Sabs, Scar & Skitt (autoplay) and then carpet bombed Dominita back to the stone age.

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This is again my hardest challenge … I carpet bombed this … Which I hate using useful items … But heh what else am I saving them for right ?

Team : Scarlett 3/60 X2, Sabrina 3/60, Danzo 3/01, Kellie 3/60
I believe about 3000 TP or so…

Stage is easy but bosses are difficult… team can’t take a hit !
@zephyr1 should I level a full Danzo , or Inari 3/60? I’m low on hidden blades to decide on Scarlett…:boom:

Tough stage. :tired_face:

I wouldn’t make that decision based on usage for Trials alone, so it’s worth considering how they fit into your bench overall and your longer-term plans.

I will say, though, that Inari at 3-70 is likely to be pretty squishy. I’m trying to see if I can find her card at 3-70 to see what her stats are.

In the meantime, carpet bombing is a reasonable approach — like you said, this is a good place to use those items you’ve saved up.

If you want to think more about your leveling priorities together, I’d want to know what else is on your bench in general, and what your game priority order is for Titans, Raids, Quests, and War.


Me the last time:

As much as I love Gill-Ra’s abilities, I decided I’d rather not try and bring a 3* to this fight. Might’ve been a mistake in hindsight. Scarlett and Skittleskull’s attack down kinda sucked. My team this run:

The most notable change was ascending Kelile to the final tier and giving her my stockpile of Rogue tokens, making her the heaviest hitter in the trials. I’d like to think this made it easier, but I had a lot of red/purple tile droughts and don’t remember my last run that well, so it’s kinda hard to say.

I carpet bombed out of laziness, so most of the arsenal. Result:

Yep. She’s made this trial a lot easier than before I had her, and getting the Sorceror emblems helped, but that was a decision I’d made a while ago.

Thanks for this thread as always, zephyr! Though I did post in the older thread by accident, so sorry about that.


Yea at the time she was the only hero I had who could use those emblems so I figured it could only make her better, now I have Marjana I may give them to her when ever I get her maxed!

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I like Gil-Ra’s special a lot, I use the fast mana troops for her though. Is the troops you had more effective though?

And yes that attack down works wonders for this trial

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

This is the first time I’ve changed the heroes on this team since the Class Trials first started.

Until now, the only changes were in leveling.

The Battle

This one was pretty straightforward.

I used my minor healing, 7 of my antidotes, and 8 of my minor mana — but other than that, it was a pretty uneventful battle, just plugging away killing the Bosses.

The attack debuffs from Skittles and Scarlett help considerably. My only casualty was Skittles toward the end; everyone else ended with nearly full health.

Shiny New Emblems

This one was a bit anticlimactic, with Scarlett going up +1, and Sabina falling short of an upgrade.

Click for Screenshots

Endless Leveling

I feel like I’ve been leveling Frida forever now, so a Trainer Hero is nice…but at 4-52 it only brought her up one level.


I like Gill-Ra personally, but I just thought she was too squishy to bring. Most 3* are, and it’s a bit of a pride thing for me too.

I think she’s effective as long as you can keep her up.

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Oh okay yea I take her with me I have her emblemed up and that special is effective and I mainly keep her alive because of Sabina. But yea the 3*s are squishy for me it’s who I have for tons of the trials so I usually need health potions or a healer

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