🔵 [May 29, 2019] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Me the last time:

As much as I love Gill-Ra’s abilities, I decided I’d rather not try and bring a 3* to this fight. Might’ve been a mistake in hindsight. Scarlett and Skittleskull’s attack down kinda sucked. My team this run:

The most notable change was ascending Kelile to the final tier and giving her my stockpile of Rogue tokens, making her the heaviest hitter in the trials. I’d like to think this made it easier, but I had a lot of red/purple tile droughts and don’t remember my last run that well, so it’s kinda hard to say.

I carpet bombed out of laziness, so most of the arsenal. Result:

Yep. She’s made this trial a lot easier than before I had her, and getting the Sorceror emblems helped, but that was a decision I’d made a while ago.

Thanks for this thread as always, zephyr! Though I did post in the older thread by accident, so sorry about that.