[May 19, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Piety Guide & Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

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The first two Stages were easy, as expected.

Last time I finished without any items, so I thought this time would be fairly easy, but I actually had a really hard time, and took multiple tries and some reworking to finish.

I tried swapping in 4-70 Li Xiu in place of 3-70 Leonidas the first time, thinking some moderate mana control for all of the Bosses would be useful over Leo’s single target reduction, now that Li Xiu is maxed since last time. That might have worked well, but a couple (un)lucky hits against her back to back right at the start killed her. Things went downhill from there.

The second time I had a similar experience with Wu Kong getting killed immediately. Without his attack buff, I couldn’t kill the Bosses fast enough to overcome Friar Tuck’s healing, and I hadn’t brought any substantial items. Eventually I gave up and fled.

What finally worked as a safety net was bringing Time Stops to keep the Bosses from firing so I wouldn’t lose Wu Kong to a shot from Joon while Wilbur didn’t happen to be active. 3 of them and no other items was enough to make the battle easy.

Kind of a pain, and a waste of a WE flask (I have 66 more, so not really a big deal), but I think I’ll be set for next time. I could perhaps bring Revive Scrolls instead of Axes as an additional safety net next time, since Wu absolutely needs to be alive to finish with this team without carpet bombing.

Shiny New Emblems

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Rigard went from 4-70 to +2, stepping up the first node after the first Stage. I’m excited to be giving him Emblems now instead of Vivica. (I’ve stopped giving any Emblems to 5* heroes at +4, and don’t intend to resume giving them Emblems in the foreseeable future…probably not until I’ve substantially upgraded at least 2 4* and 1 3* in each Class, as they’re more useful for Raids, War, and Raid Tournaments.)

Wilbur also stepped up a node to +16. That excitedly puts me only 24 Emblems away from getting him to +18, which is where I plan to stop and switch to Wu Kong. So by the next time Trials of Piety rolls around, Wu will be getting Emblems, if not before.

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CJ does The Jackal* …again

Same deal as the last yellow trainer:

Except now Jackal is at 4-56, stepping up 1 level thanks to the Trainer.

And I’m still wondering:

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