[Apr 28, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Last time around I had a really hard time with 3-60 Cyprian and 3-60 Falcon #2.

This time Falcon 2 is at max, but I decided to swap out my 3-60 Cyprian for recently-maxed Li Xiu, in hopes that the added mana control would help.

The other major change is that I decided to give Falcon my Paladin Emblems since last time, instead of using them for Frida. I’ve come to prefer Emblems on 4* across the board, and am stopping giving them to the few 5* I was using them on (Evelyn, Vivica, and Thoth-Amun) at +4 to switch to 4* heroes in those Classes (Triton, Rigard, and Sabina, respectively.)

The Battle

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The first two Stages were a breeze.

In the third Stage, I had an easy time with the monsters, and didn’t use any items — if anything, I killed them a tad too quickly, as I went into the Bosses without my Red specials charged, which definitely hurt a bit.

I learned my lesson from last time, and started off right away with a Bomb and a Dragon Attack so the DoT would have time to tick.

I made a couple moves and fired Li Xiu then Wu Kong, then worked the board to do some tile damage.

I was lacking much red for a while, so it took me a bit to charge Wilbur and the two Falcons. When I did, I held their specials until Wu wore off.

When the Dragon Attack and Bomb wore off, I tossed new ones to re-up, and kept plugging away on tile damage.

As the battle wore on and Richard, Joon and Justice fired, I used antidotes and minor healing as needed. Eventually I ran out of healing pots.

I managed to kill Joon and severely wear down Richard and Justice with my whole team alive, but then Richard fired again and killed Falcon 2 and Wu.

I killed Justice with tiles in the next move, wore down Richard a bit more with tiles, and used a third set of a Bomb and Dragon Attack.

Richard was down to 676 health, but also charged up. Not wanting to risk him taking out my remaining 3 heroes, I fired a 4th Bomb and Dragon Attack and finished him off.

Without any healer options, Trials of Justice is definitely amongst the hardest for me.

The leveling progress helps some, but this one will definitely remain difficult for the foreseeable future.

Eventually Paladin Frida will likely join this team as a more natural color choice and stronger hero. She’s currently at 2-46 on her way to max, so hopefully she’ll be there by the next Trials of Justice.

Shiny New Emblems

I took Wilbur to +14 after Stage 2 (figured it didn’t hurt to bump him up before the last Stage)

After Stage 3, I took Falcon to +12

CJ does The Jackal*

After I maxed Li Xiu, I moved onto leveling Jackal, whom I acquired during Guardians earlier this month.

He got a nice bump from the Trainer Hero.

*Does anyone get this reference?