Improving Summoning Odds with VIP or Valor Pass

Curious if anyone noticed their 5* drop rates improve after VIP or Valor pass subscriptions???

I’m C2P and so far without subscription:

  • 30 pulls for Christmas : one 5*
  • 30 pulls for Avalon : one 5*


They seem the same to me. Mostly garbage followed by random luck pulls. I only summoned one time this Atlantis; Aeron… did a 30 pull during season 3 and got garbage. Same as always; random luck happens, but mostly junk

I was on monthly VIP 30 for few months back in the first quarter of last year. Countless summons on the Atlantis and not a single 5 *.
In fact, I never pull any Atlantis legendary to date. So, I guess it has nothing to do with being on VIP or not. Just pure luck.

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You and Me @StephenNap89, I’m a dark hero magnet which started out great, Hel, Sartana, Merlin, Ursena…but now I’d like a few different elements to work on but the game insists I need more dark hero’s. 3 pulls, Muggy, Chochin, Aeron

Now I wait for GM and my disappointment of not summoning him…oh wait, I mean I don’t want that defenseless weird looking red hero at all. He’s overrated, all he does is set 3 hero’s on fire at a pretty fast rate…I’d much prefer Grimble Goat as I’d start feeding him the Brienne’s and Renfeld my TC20’s can’t stop producing! Although I’ve had a few Dawa’s mixed in

Honestly I wouldn’t be disappointed with summoning Aeron with one of my 3 free summons except he’s going to likely hang with the Obakans, Grimbles and the plethora of dupe Domitia’s (kinda feel bad for them and wish I could give them to a good home)
Plus I keep telling myself there’s plenty of time to summon the Telluria that more than half my alliance somehow got, plenty of time. :face_with_monocle:


This ancient summoning ritual has been proven to work for every season, event, and portal the game has to offer.

It’s the only one confirmed to work.



I know the feeling. I’m a dark hero magnet. Hel, Kage, ursena, seshat, kunchen. I got Ursena and Kageburado on single pulls when they weren’t featured. Not much luck with yellow or red. I’m saving all my summons to try for GM in May

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Clearly you’ve never tried summoning beneath a full moon while hopping on one foot and singing a Justin Beiber song.


100% a tinfoil conspiracy

RNG gunna RNG regardless of the wallet… All your wallet does is increase the number of chances you got at getting lucky off RNG.

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I also got Kage on a single pull when it wasn’t featured. Same with Mok-Arr. While most of my heroes suck unlike yours, 6 of my first 7 5 star heroes were purple. Today, with something like 25 5 star heroes, I still only have a single yellow, and 3 reds.

@remmy you are almost exactly on the mark for the odds of getting a 5 star hero.

Speaking from a logical business perspective:

  1. IF VIP/POV pass increases drop rate, there’s NO WAY they wouldn’t advertise that fact everywhere to increase number of players who buy those passes.

  2. IF they had a hidden mechanic that changes the drop rate for pass holders and non-holders, pass holders’ drop rate should be lowered. This is because pass holders are by definition not f2p players, thus they are much more likely to spend money. This means if you reduce the chances for them to get the heroes they want, you get more $$$.

In no case does it make sense to secretly increase the chances for pass holders.


Yellow avoids me, although I finally somehow managed to pull Joon (RNGesus was probably off on that day)


@JonahTheBard swears by ‘Single Ladies’ complete with choreography —

Gone is the memory of learning to ride at bike a 5 - replaced by grainy black & white snippets of my life as a strong independent woman who don’t need no man — and a team of 3* canon fodder :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure Petri is a belieber, that’s how I got started.


No Valor Pass

16 Atlantis pulls: 2× 5*

Oh no! Congrats by the way.
I have the pass, do a 10x each Atlantis and still have noAtlantis 5*. Did get one of the highlighted HoTms one month, so not a total disaster, but still…


That sounds like incredible success to me. Maybe no VIP is the way to go…

No Valor Pass

Got the Best 10 pull I’ve ever seen on Valhalla:

There is no use imagining that anything we do, or do not do, changes the odds. SGG are highly committed to randomness with their Pseudo Random number generator (PRNG).

It is what it is, and the odds are as stated. Humans always want to see patterns where there are none, it’s just how natural selection has programmed you - but the patterns we seek are not always actually there

But I am going to try singing “All the Single Ladies” during my next summons just because it sounds like fun


That is a beautiful 10-pull.

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Tbh, I was kinda overdue for a 5 star pull somewhere as I could tell by my pulls in my free gate. I decided to activate my premium track on my PoV, and low and behold first Atlantis Summon I did after that gave me Inari.

‘Single Ladies’ worked along with my ritual of surfing Atlantis Summoning odds…lol

19 pulls:
5*: Inari, Telluria
4*: Colen, Gobbler, Wilbur, Proteus

Too bad they’re all nature. LOL
We have to complain about something, right?

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