Max Zeline or Horghall?

Hello everybody. I need a little help, i have accension items only for one green 5*. Right now i have Zeline at 3/50 and Horghall at 3/1. I would really go for Zeline. Or should i wait for Gregorian? I have enough gems for 4 10x pulls which i’m saving for the monthly event. Thank you in advance!! Have a good day/night!!:hugs:

I am the same as you but don’t have the mats yet! Zeline 3/70, Horg 3/70

I’ll be waiting for Greg! Just my personally preference

Zeline completely outclasses Horghall, no question. I like her more than Gregorian, but they have different uses so its not as easy a comparison. You won’t regret ascending Zeline, even if you pull Gregorian afterwards.

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Either max Zeline, if you need raid help, or wait for Gregorion. I’d wait for Greg and will be waiting for him as I don’t have any green 5* even after all this time of playing.

You were already in the lvl 20’s when I joined my first alliance you were in. 8 months in and we still both have no 5* green. Amazing! Hahahaha

Back to topic:
Go for Zeline. The fact that I attack teams with max Horg tanks and avoid max Zelines with my mostly 4* teams is a good indication that Zeline is so much better. Horg fires his special once or not at all. Zeline is very capable of firing several times. Don’t think I’ll be avoiding Greg that much.

I just turned 37 lol. Yep…no green 5*. Have Caedmon, Melendor, Kasshrek, and Skittle. Plus just got the green 3* sand hero. Otherwise I have 10 5*…can max almost half of them with my current items.

I wanted to max Zeline but i wasn’t sure, now i am. Thank you guys😊

Here a similar problem. Have lianna at 3/70…5 tonics the 6th coming soon. Now got gregorion. Fast straight damage or less damage plus crits. Really not sure where to go.
Team. Vivica, sartana, isarnia, gravemaker.

I will be waiting for the event to get Greg because i don’t wanna waste my gems now. I have enough for like 4 10* pulls (maybe more if they keep the good deals in the calendar) and i really want Panther.

for me zeline. 5 star, fast, debuff, attack all and downer! fantastic!!!

Unless you really want to up your titan damage, lianna would be the better choice. Besides, you’ll most likely have 8/8 skill for Greg once he gets to 3/70, you also get the crits.

Zeline over both Horghall and Gregorian. Easily.

Lol I’d love to be in the position to ask the OP’s question, because it’s a glaringly obvious answer😂

Unfortunately my question is: Horghall or no green 5*?:rofl:

Not much of a choice is it

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