Mats for ascending. But who would you ascend?

Game doesn’t give me 5* so I decide after months to ascend one or two from my stock . So these are my choices . In gaps heroes I have at 4.80.
Purple: mok-ar, sargasso, obakan. ( domitia, Clarissa )
Blue: isarnia, Raffaele, Richard, 2nd Ariel ( Ariel , Magni, Glenda, frida, Thorne )
15 tabards and 14 telescopes available.
I have also cRigard and ctiburtus in purple.
Any help will be appreciated .

For purple, I’d hold off…those may be the worst 3 purple 5 stars. All of those Blues could be helpful. Unless you need a blue tank, I’d do Raffy or 2nd ariel. Ariel is better but with the Field aid and Rush wars, Raff has become very valuable.


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For rush wars / tourneys.

Probably hold…can’t comment on Sargasso. Not much love for Obakan here…let mine wait at 3.70…if you draw his costume next month and / or can emblem him…he might be an ok option. *waiting for the ■■■■-storm

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Good call VB. Last time I looked at Obakan’s costume, I was bummed it wasn’t that good. Even with the extra stats, he’s an unfortunate hero.

I am trying to get a decent purple for years . And after 3 mokar and a sargasso the tc20 gave me obakan! No purple heroes for me. Indeed Obakan even with costume is bad. I hoped sargasso woul become handy with buff but no one has him level up.

The two you have now are solid Raven. Hopefully the RNG gods will smile on you. You don’t want regret when you ascend one and get an amzing one later.


Given the number of resources you have I would make use of some of them…

Mok-Ar can be pretty great in a purple stack. His damage is actually quite substantial for his mana speed… People give him a hard time due to the “damage to allies” bit but it’s SUPER tiny…

Sargasso can also be a unit when paired with Tiburtus or Guardian Panther. He’s one of only a handful of Hit-3 purples and the Healing Block effect is great for field aid wars.

I would PROBABLY go with Raffaele for Rush Attack Tournaments & Wars… He’s really a serial spammer in those scenario’s.
Isarnia is great for Titans and Richard is a good Hit-3 to pair with Frida (but you got thorne there maxed so…)


So mokar or sargasso would be your choice? Thank you

Yeah definitely more so than Obakan!

Mok-Ar has some great synergies;

  1. Mok-Ar + Wilbur + Beserk hero (e.g. Khiona, Black Knight or Brienne)
    • Fire Wilbur & Beserker First
    • Fire Mok-Ar next.
    • Wilbur’s damage share will redistribute the damage amongst all allies which will spam out the beserker heroes attack buff.

  1. Mok-Ar + Wilbur + Gullinbursti
    • Fire Wilbur & Gullinbursti first
    • Fire Mok-Ar next
    • Same as above, Wilbur’s damage share will redistribute the damage amonst all allies which will spam out Gullibursti’s damage ability.
    • Can stack multiple Bursti’s for more impact.

Sargasso as I said is one of only a handful of Hit-3 in Purple so does work well with the likes of Tiburtus & Guardian Panther in terms of dealing hefty damage to 3 enemeis.


Ewww. Hold off on purples as none of those are worth the mats. If your TC20 eventually spits our Sartana, def. level her.

You have 14 scopes so I would do a 2nd Ariel who is probably the best healer in the game and if no one else comes along who fascinates you after you level her, do Raff.

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My votes would be for Mok-Arr and Raffaele. Mok -Arr because he looks like fun and the reasons @Guvnor stated. Raffaele because I like variety not dupes, but it is hard to argue against Ariel #2. Hang on to a set of scopes for December in case you pull Lord Loki (should be featured in Valhalla) or Krampus (Christmas event).


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