Advices on ascending

Hello ladies and gents,

My team is the following:

Wu Kong, Zimkhita, King Arthur, Rigard, Caedmon - all maxed (pictures of my roster at the end of the post).

I have materials to fully ascend one green, one yellow and one purple 5 stars hero.

My current options are the following:

Green: Evelyn

Yellow: Poseidon, Leonidas

Purple: Domitia, Aeron, Sargasso, Obakan

My problem is that I am very intrigued by the possibility to get Margaret (not completely sure she’s better than Evelyn though), Guinevre and June’s hero of the month (which seems very interesting, basically a pumped version of Wu Kong).

Shall I wait (and hope… especially hope) to get the aforementioned heroes to use the ascending materials or go with Poseidon and Evelyn?

For what regards the purple hero: I don’t like very much Domizia at the moment (I have her at 3/70) and, especially if ascend Evelyn, I would have two similar heroes.

My first option would be ascending Aeron (I always like to have a healer in the team), but I’m not completely sure about it. I don’t consider Sargasso and Obakan worth fully ascending. I would consider waiting for a better purple (e.g. Sartana) as I like Rigard very much.

Final question: among my 4 stars, who would you ascend? I’m currently working on Wilbur, unsure about finishing Colen and Kashrekk.
I would like to fully ascend Li Xiu, Proteus, Kiril & Boril

What are your thoughts? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

in case of green, I wouldn’t wait for anything, and would go for Evelyn right now. She seems to be more useful than Margaret in many situations.

In case of yellow, well I understand… how not to be triggered by the queen. In that case I would wait and if I got her there are no chances for the other 2 yellows, but if not, I would do Poseidon as it seems like you need a fast sniper

for your 4*, Wilbur, Kiril and Proteus are very useful heroes, and as you have Rigard fully leveled up, I would do Proteus before Aeron

Thus, you would have a second rainbow team to work on: Evelyn, Wilbur, Kiril, Proteus and a yellow. I wish you the best luck getting the queen, but if not, Li Xiu is kind of her small sister


The crowd stands up and chant:
E-ve-lyn! E-ve-lyn!

Good advices from @Keisuk3honda!

After Kiril is done, you could also take a look at Sonya, dispeller can be useful.

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Thank you for your advices.

Indeed, after some reading about Margaret, Evelyn seems the best choice. I hope I’ll get Marge anyway, I’m curious about her.

Same thought I had about Guin: I hope I’ll pull her, otherwise I’ll max the king of the seas. Leonidas at 3/70 did not impress me, just as Domitia.

I actually have enough materials to fully ascend both Proteus and Aeron, my idea would be to create a full 5* team: Aeron would take Rigard’s place (altough I would put him as tank instead as flank), it would be Poseidon, Arthur, Aeron, Zimkhita, Evelyn. But as said, I’m not 100% sure Aeron would be the best choice to use the tabards.
It also depends if I get the queen or not (come on darling, your husband is already in the team).

I also hope I’ll get a Boldtusk, I lack good reds.