[Math, Analysis] Which 3* and 4* troops dominate in damage output and tanking hits (not so intuitive)

I have been intending to do this for a very long time, but life gets in the way. There are more than a few people I’ve discussed this with and we’ve repeatedly passed the information around, but the same misinformation keeps rearing it’s ugly head. Yo Momma, Epigenic, Pandemic, Tater Tots, UCLAPack and I have spoken about this subject a lot. One of these days we’ll get together and put it all in an accessible file.

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please do, there isnt enough for us noobs about troops, but everyone says how important they are. Still scouring the forums for gems of wisdom though

Extremely important! Nuff said. Just get all 4* troops if possible.

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This thread has a lot of useful info:


No one seems to have addressed this adequately if at all; do critical attacks buffs work in an alliance war or raid static defense that is healer heavy. On defense, they can only use specials; do critical attack bonuses even apply to specials?
Seriously in an alliance war with a three healer two fast sniper strategy, surely the 10% increased heal buff on a 3* must be worth the 8 total attack power points you lose on each hero?

Specials can’t crit but defender’s autoattacks and attacker’s tiles can.


I pushed my mana troops early because I liked the attack bonus and had Jackal. So I figured I’d get one 4* mana troop to lvl 11 for each color. That way I could shave a tile off any very fast hero.

Then I moved to 4* crit troops because I learned more about critical chance and I liked the def buff. So I aimed for one lvl 9 4* in each color because that’s the break for 19% def buff.

Overall, I have five 4* troops for each color. Two mana and three crit. Three are unleveled given costs.

I place the crit troops on my healers and balanced heroes and mana on my snipers…for the mana cut or for the attack boost if they’re not very fast.

I also run Ariel and Alby and prefer heroes with mana boost specials. Firing them off with mana troops is fun and with crit troops you get to have your cake and eat it too.

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Thanks for getting back, both of you. I’m just setting up a healer heavy defense (arrow attack on enemy) and could not find a definitive answer. One person said critical attacks don’t apply to specials which is what healers use (slash attack@100% presumably), but I could have sworn the other day I saw a critical special at 1300 pts from Caedmon (a single green sniper debuffer) but obviously I can’t see my static defense in action. My last AW, no one attacked me due to the stacking required but the critical troops do add 25pts to my total defence score compared the the standard heal buff troops. Hopefully the ones I levelled up will be useful for something but this time I will go with my superior critical attack troops. BTW it is a 3 healer, 2 fast sniper defense, so clearly I’m concerned about the healers capacity to defend themselves.

Thanks again.

Depends on the healers. BT doesn’t shine on attack stats but his attack buff makes those slashes hurt more. 5* healers like Alby and Ariel slash hard and heal hard.

I ran Triton—Alby—Ariel—BT—Proteus for a long time and that kept me at high platinum/low diamond (mostly the former). That’s 4 healer types.

Now I’m moving to switch Marj for BT and Drake for Triton. That gives me two healers/mana boosters and a reviver, a sniper, a 3-enemy attack and blind, and mana control.

My line up consist of Sonya+6, Sabina+5, Vivica@3:70, Rigard+4 and Caedmon+4. They basically have to stack against 2 purples which will charge Vivica with her attack buff or stack against purple which will debuff and cleanse and heal Vivica. It’s going to be hard ghosting tiles or slipping them up the wings without being hit by my fast snipers (3495 HP team total). I wouldn’t want to attack it.

I know it is pretty vanilla, but summons have not treated my kindly.

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That’s a solid team. The summons will come. Vivica was a good pull.

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I’m curious about troop power vs cost;

My plan has pretty much always been 1 set of crit and mana — now ninja too

But 3* hybrids may be a cheaper way to flesh out a stack and have something for those events


Just hit 28 on red mana, so I got plenty of time to figure it out :slight_smile:

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