Troops with 3 star and 5 star differences

Question for anyone who knows how this works. Il use all my 4 star troops with my 5 star heroes and il play season 1 stage 9 ( trying to collect alot of bones) but anyways my troops would hit the enemies say a green 3 tile and do like 300 damage but if I use my fully ascended 3 stars with my 4 star troops the same troops as my 5 stars and a 3 green tile comes up against a blue it only does like 70 damage. So why does my troop damage so low when using 3 stars and so high when using 5 stars ,its the same exact troops when playing both. I’ve been playing for a year and a half I know a good bit but not the really detailed specific stuff so the question might be a dumb one . My 4 star level 13 troops should have the same damage no matter what heroes I use with them right ?

It’s a cumulative effect. The troops plus the heroes tile damage equals the total damage done. The troop bonus is the same in both cases. The difference is the tile damage of your 5 star compared to your 3 star.

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Here is a bit more depth…

Each hero has a base attack stat that is modified by the troops % attack booster. You can see below:

Mitsuko 756 attack x 1.23 troop attack booster= on-field attack stat of 929
Namahage 526 x 1.23 troop attack booster= on-field attack stat of 646

Single tile damage screenshots below for your reference.


Thanks for the info almost 2 years into the game and still trying to learn stuff but that’s what makes the game great, you dont just push buttons its strategy and so much more but thanks agains

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I’ve never seen this so well explained! Thanks!

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Glad I could help! There is lots of complexity and nuance which in my opinion makes the game much much more fun!

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