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Dansing I thought you were testing it in your beta environment and could report back. My apologies for not understanding what you were saying :joy:. And thank you Beer for sharing so I can see her full stats and not see a less than 1k defense. Because I would’ve cancelled my selection had it been true haha. The crazy thing is they usually save the best for last and I might be putting the cart before the horses.

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That is some great art they did there though!


Since last SE I pulled 1 S1 dupe including running 1 /and sometimes 2 TC20 . . .

I have athos 2lb and I use him in every war, I’d say for 15 he’s well worth it but not for 20.

he’s similar to alucard with minion removal and buff bypass except he’s a sniper not hit 3. It is a very hard hit though. The cover is nice but not a game changer unless you have other musketeers.

The worst thing about him is that he looks like my first bf, but that’s hopefully not going to be an issue for most people!


Do we have the hole list?

I mean she does…

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no. we merely have a list that still has a few holes in it


6 confirmed heroes so far…
Uthragan / Narcisa / costume Dr. Moreau / Anne / costume Odin / Bubbles

Waiting for more silhouettes to show up


I think they’ll release few heroes each three days. We’ll see.

++++++++++++++++Queen Anne

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Folks, you can scroll up to the second post in this thread to see the confirmed heroes. They are seven. They do not include c.Odin and Queen Anne. They do include Dabria and Athos.


Health is a bit low, but glad I was wrong on the defense. My c3 Obakan tank is like 2900 before the legendary troop, but I can convert one for Anne if I pick her. I like Dabria too for yellow, stats are more current… but Anne would play well with Pepper…

These 7 have been confirmed so far….


Oh yeah… I forgot Dabria.

Okay. After reading it again, it‘s a yes. But careful - Anne isn‘t triggering it directly; it‘s - as you wrote it - triggered AFTER the enemy hero fired. I‘m sorry, that I misread your question. :slight_smile:


Well, yeah - that’s how the card reads.

Anne - The Binary Hero


I’m at slightly higher than 5% for my 6ish years running a tc20… So certainly you may be an outlier… But… Unless you are documenting the info … I can’t give it any credibility.


I’ve been skunked in multiple different months, not getting any. And it’s probability. 0.95x0.95x0.95x0.95= 0.814506. Everytime you pull from your 4 TCs you have an 81% chance for nothing.

Sorry for the one week part lol

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The math is correct but it only takes 2 days not 1 week for each train.
So within 10 days, there will be 4x5= 20 heroes from 4xTC20

And 5% chance for 5* is 1/20

So that is why 10 days is a good expected value to get a single 5*