Help with Soul Exchange

I need help with this Soul Exchange thing. I have these 5 stars but am not sure if I should trade for one in the first level, if I have enough not-so-great heroes to trade in any other level, or just wait for the next SE. Which heroes should I part with? Your advice would be very much appreciated.

I count 14 heroes that are S1 or duplicate HOTM. Given what you have, I imagine you won’t get to those heroes.
You could throw in Guardian Owl and Perseus to hit 15.

But I wouldn’t spend the others just to get to 20.

I think you’ve got solid heroes to work on that I’d probably wait.


i count only 12 heroes worth to get rid from ur roster which are S1 heroes with slow and average mana + kadilen, and some dupes hotm.

so better to keep until next soul exchange

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Looking at hero capacity of above 400, I think these heroes shown are duplicates…

So if there is a hero that interests you or fits your play stile, you could clear some space @redhawkeagle

Maybe snag a Chameleon for the Mythic Titan, unless you have him.

Thanks. @Ruskin505. I may just end up waiting for the next one even though I could really use the space

@mogulemon, you would throw Kadilen in there too. Hmmm

For the 12 heroes you guys are saying they would be Azlar, both? Domitilas 2 Horghalls, Marjana, Russell, 2 Viscaros, Hanitra, 2 Balburs? These are the ones that you would consider changing? Oh wait, Quintus too, right?

@kdsrs, I see a lot of people in the poll overwhelmingly voted for G. Chameleon. I don’t know enough about him to get excited about getting him. Is he only good for Mythic Titan? Any other uses?

Man, how I wish they would do a 4 star soul exchange!

My advice : Trade C.Krampus, Congalach, Pengi, Seshat, Motega, Quintin, Finley, MN, Russel, Milena… for Reuben.

Advice #2 : Keep some money to feed your family.

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Lol. Thanks for that. No way… :grin:. But keep Russell (and Milena). Okay