🕵 [MASTER] Portal Stats & Summon Results – Season 4 (Underwild)

Good day. What happened to the invitations? This month, at every Event, I bought Stocks, made a lot of calls, and as a result, Not a Single Event Five! Only one GM dropped! This discourages any desire to donate to your game!

You can buy a big pizza to celebrate now, what a great luck!!! Many congrats, this probably will take long time to happen again lol :clap: :clap: :clap: :partying_face:


11 pulls:

Aaand exactly what I needed. Planned to do Glenda next but this guy (or girl?) takes precedence. There is also Elradir somewhere at the end but I have him already.


Oh no… It’s you again.
I got 2 Hannah with 12 pulls.


I continue to have almost 0 interest in this portal. Something just doesn’t ‘click’ with me and Season 4. The storywriting is just awful, my sentiment for the characters is almost non-existing, and while the heroes are not that bad I just don’t see myself dragged into that thing. I don’t even use the rares and epics I maxed (ok, maybe used Poppy, Gramps and Morris in 3* tournament).

And I guess that relationship goes both ways. I still didn’t get any of the legendaries. Granted, I don’t invest in it that much - farmed coins + the day 3 offer is all I give, maybe few 10 rolls overall for all the past iterations but that’s it. But am not even frustrated by it.

I liked previous seasons much more, same as Ninjas or even latest additions like Circus. But for S4, something in it just repels me. Anyways, ~20 pulls this month got me only dupe Elradir.




I was originally not planning to do pulls from the current Underwild portal. But something made me feel lucky today: my pincushion cactus bloomed its flowers. The same plant grew flower buds last year, but wilted too soon before they showed their petals. :cactus: :white_flower:

Witnessing a fortunate moment from my gardening endeavours today, I decided to try my luck in summoning as well. I purchased the first-day offer and was set to go all-in with it.

Before I used my Underwild coins, I was whispering to myself, “I want Hannah, but Morel would be fine, too.” But I also braced myself to be disappointed if I did not get someone new for my roster.

After the second coin pull, I was glad to get Morel. My gut was correct. :heart_eyes:

Since Morel went out of the portal on the second coin pull, I stopped myself from doing further pulls and saved my gems for future summons instead.


80 pulls… Nothing. As on the circus and Valhalla - - " :angry:

The worst is this :

3 gramps, 3 poppy, 3 vollermorck, seriously?:exploding_head:


Scrabbling hard for a bright side… er, they weren’t s1?

OK, that’s a bit thin.

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I’ve got pretty bad luck this week.

Around 80-90 pulls as well and no S4 legendary :woman_shrugging:t2:

Oh well maybe next portal will be kinder.

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Next portal will have more stuff in it as well, perhaps better stuff. And a better HOTM.

Sigh, I caved in a got the first day offer.

Not bad, even though I wanted Hannah just for the art, Russula is more useful for me. Also darts from bonus chests, with one more (with Sand Empire a week away) I’ll have enough for Onatel.


I got this cool Indi’Hannah Jones on maybe 30 pulls. Can’t say I’m disappointed. She will be very useful.


A lot of summons on my end, 60? 70? 80? No 5* in sight. Feeling pretty awful for all the wasted money.


40 pulls and I, of course, got S1 5* only again… Just like last month’s S3 pulls :joy:


Is there already a hint for new hero being introduced and those being featured for next week underwild?

Aouda, Captain Nemo or Zenobia. Maybe 2 of them in the same time ?


I have a feeling it’s xnolpold. Nemo, aouda and Zenobia has not been talked about recently. and Nemo is also the star of S4 so they may reserve him to be featured last like Thor from S3

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Two coin pulls.

Of course I’d love a new S4 hero, but I expected little. I’m totally okay with my typical summons. :slightly_smiling_face:


Did my S4 pulls for this go and landed Elizabeth and Morel!!! :heart_eyes:

Still no Devana, yet, but hopefully she will appear :pray:


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