Why does Squire Wabbit have a -defense debuff for the caster?

Why does square wabbit work against his own team -defense for caster

It’s actually kind of annoying as an attacker.

I brought Buddy and Athena, and the rabbits reduce the ability to take the defense lower, essentially turning my Athena into Thorne.


Athorne. Not a pleasant sight.


So undispellable defense reduction turned out to be a buff actually? What a twist

If you know WHEN to use it, yes. Weird, but true.


That must be a bug because Kunchen drops their defense lower whenever he goes off.

Pics, by chance? That’s strange.

20 not supposed to happens…


Negative on pics. Didn’t think it was abnormal. Just assumed it was because their lowered shield couldn’t be dispelled.

Just finished all the quests about an hour ago, too. Wish I had known sooner, I could have recorded.

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Nope it’s not a bug. Their defense debuff can’t be dispelled and this applies not only to debuffers (e.g. Zeline, Sonya) but also defense debuffers (e.g. Kunchen, Grimm, Wilbur).
Works as designed :wink:

Ahhh, I think you’re referring if your guys go off before the rabbits fire.

I’m referring to once the rabbits fire.

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I think you misunderstood me. Kunchen’s defense drop works with the bunnies def drop. If the bunnies only had one more turn left but Kunchen fires, their defense goes lower to the -42% and the counter goes back to four turns as if they were affected by Kunchen’s ability. Same goes for Isarina and Grimm, so I’m not sure why Athena’s ability didn’t work.

@Kayo, no, I meant what I said.

I didn’t have the same results with Athena and Buddy.

Well poo! Just finished Springvale so not sure how to test for this now. :pensive:

I finished yesterday too, so I can’t go back and test it either.

My Kunchen is too weak to test the remaining levels I’ve been slacking on.

Grimm and Wilbur fail to overwrite the non dispellable defense debuff on Jack O’Hare.

[Insert Grimm photo using Wi-Fi]

[Insert Wilbur photo using Wi-Fi]


Oh I see, my bad. Then it seems to be a bug indeed…

Well, they are called reckless rabbits for some reason. Part of their specials comes with 20% indispensable defense down due to their recklessness.
Its okay if you’re fighting against them. But if they are in your team, you have to prepare your defense buff like Kiril. Not sure how it works though…perhaps, the rabbits’ indispensable 20% down can’t be overite by Kiril’s 30% up. So, probably the gain is only about 10%.
As for the rabbits, the 20% defense down to their own team is indispensable. Zeline and Kunchen’s buff could not over write it.
Just my 2c…lol.

imo it is a bug. to dispel means to make something, in this case defense reduction, disappear. Kunchen, Santa, pulverizers dont make it disappear, they exacerbate it. so when fighting teams with these heroes, this particular aspect or rabits’ special skills is actually an advantage, not a drawback, as it is meant to be.
I hope a game specialist or staff would tune into this thread and clarify it.

As I understand it, “undispellable” also means “irreplaceable.” That’s why other defense debuffs don’t work.