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My team this time:

  • Shredder Kiril 4^75+20
  • Evil Grimm 4^75+20
  • Krampus +20
  • Domitia +c18
  • Witch Isarnia +9

Like this team needed help, I switched out Marjana +18 for C. Isarnia +9. The formula for victory is basically 1) get blue tiles; 2) win.

Played patiently for blue tiles, especially for moblings along the side. Used Krampus’ minions for pseudo-healing. Entered the boss wave with everyone charged. Targeted Domitia with my only sniper. A blue match-3 under Scarlett eliminated her immediately. Both Boss Skittles and Boss Domitia fired at Krampus (like they had a choice with his taunt going), but it was barely an inconvenience. Skittles fell next, then Domitia. Not even an evade this time.

Not enough sorcerer emblems for Quintus’ next node. Rogue emblems saved for Francine (leveling in progress). Trainer hero for Frank.



C. Grimm +19 OUT / Cristobal +20 IN


No items used. Just saw less dodges than usual this time.

  • Sorcerers emblems for C. Vanda
  • Rogues for Griffin
  • I keep the Trainer to LB Moreau (once the Omega quest appears)


No items needed.


Old Team :


New Team :


Very limited options in these classes for me. Thankfully I got better healer than Brynhild for this trial now, regular CB Sabina, wish I had C Kiril for this, but no, his costume evades me. Grimm C helped buffing the reds, so I had easier time to get rid of Skittle at least. After that it was a matter of charging my heroes VS Dom and Scarlett. After a bit longer fight I managed to do this without items, with a little luck of Scarlett/Dom not targetting CB Sabina too much.


Sharing that I challenged myself with this one. After maxing a couple more heroes, I went with a mono green team for this trial:

Changed my original team:
Marjana / cKashhrek / cKadilen / Brynhild / Peters

Into this team:
Peters / cKashhrek / cKadilen / Brynhild / Almur

Was fun. Had to use some tornadoes and time stops on that last stage. And Almur died on the second stage because I sucked at giving him healing pots in time.


New team… Jackal n grimm out … Almur and francine in… didn’t go that great… But thought I’d try something out.

Rouge fran sorcerer marcel trainer fran coustome nearly finshed.


Jackal in almur out no items. Fran up some bling.

Rouge fran sorcerer unsure trainer Russell.


Team Last Time

Team This Time

Same as before,…


Decent starting board on boss wave…

Thorne die, no item used…


Sorcerer maybe keep after Rumplesitskin maxed for fun :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Rogue keep for now, trainer for Rumplesitskin.

Trials of Shadows

Jackal 4*+01,
b.Sabina 4*+18,
Danzaburo 4*+01,
b.Marjana 5* 3.70,
b.Scarlett 4*+18,

b= base hero, no costume
b+= base hero with costume bonus
c= costume

Bonus X*+1, or higher, heroes cannot be accidentally used to level another hero

Battle items

5x Heal 500 HP,
5x Harpoons,
10x mana 25% potion,
10x Antidote,

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Battle items, used

Used all 5x Heal 500 HP, zero harpoons, 3x mana 25%, 4x antidotes

Boss colors

Bosses are green, purple, red

This team does 2x heroes strong versus green Boss, 2x heroes strong versus purple Boss,

1x healer weak versus purple Boss but with dispel and good heal for a 4* hero

Because of purple Boss, I did not bring Thoth 5* 3.70, or a second Sabrina 4* 3.60


Took Lepiota out and out Scarlett in to make things go more quickly. Worked well.

My team this time:

  • Shredder Kiril 4^75+20
  • Evil Grimm 4^75+20
  • Krampus +20
  • Domitia +c18
  • Witch Isarnia +12

Compared to last time, Isarnia is up three talents.

Basic theory here is “Get blue tiles. Win.” Works pretty well. Mobs were little trouble. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged. Made a blue match-3 under Scarlett, and she was basically done. Also finished Skittles before she fired. I think Domitia fired once before I could get her.

Not enough wizard emblems for Quintus’s next node. Rogue emblems saved for Francine. Trainer hero to Frank.

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