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Truth. If I only I could heal someone to death.

Here is the team:

Both healers had a D up which helps. A lump sum and HoT healer seem to jive well too. Glenda gave herself and Kiril minions. Otherwise it was basically charge Kiril for A boost, fire Glenda for her special boost, then fire Skittles and Q while Glenda’s boost is active. Wash (or at least gets your hands wet), rinse, repeat. Worked pretty well. I am loving Glenda.

This was tougher pre-Glenda for sure.

Q and Glenda each went up a node. Trainer to Malicna.



First time completing this one with no items, team was:
JF +14, Ursena +19, Mel (c) +18, Almur, Proteus +20

Wizard emblems to JF +15, Sorcerer saved for Ursena’s last node. Trainer to Grazul


I was really debating whether to try the final or not. i had also cKashrek +19 and cSkittles +1, but just got Uraeus and Quintus to 3/70 and figured i’d give it a shot with them. more firepower. so, the team:

TP is 3655, by the way. the result:

I didn’t really want to use three time stops, and probably didn’t have to use the last one, but it got me there. The real problem was the slash attacks, which were crazy strong, and they had a tendency to all pick on one hero at a time. maybe just bad luck with the AI. they took out Kiril in the first 5 moves or so by hitting him all one after the other. i was quite concerned that without healing i was not going to make it, but i got a pretty decent board and held off the specials with Proteus while i got several good hits in with attack boosted Uraeus and Quintus. Balthazar went down pretty quickly, and when Quintus went down and i still had Uraeus and my Quintus, i suddenly became pretty sure i could make it, because Ulmer only had about a third total health left. he slashed out Uraeus, but i got a lucky cascade of blue and purple tiles at the end that helped a lot, and then Krampus’ little elves killed off Ulmer.

In hindsight i should have maybe brought axes (or Skittles) for attack debuff instead of all three mana potions since the slash attacks were the main problem for me. i may also have Almur ready to go soon, so it might make sense to bring Kash, Almur and Skittles next time.

Trainer to Malicna or cRigard, wizards to Kiril or Proteus, Sorcerers to Krampus or Uraeus eventually.


I’m a bit late to the party here, but I used the same team as last time:

Grevle - costume Kiril - Skittleskull - Sabina - Almur

The items I took into the fight: bombs, axes, time stop, minor mana potions

I used a couple of axes on the board before the bosses because I didn’t want to risk screwing up the green tiles that I had on the board. The green tiles moved well against the bosses. It didn’t take long before my guys were filled up again for another round of attacks, although I used 2 minor mana pots to get everybody juiced up because of the green tiles on the board. Sabina fired off a round of healing for everyone at one point. I chose to bring in the timestops in case of a bad board, but didn’t need them. I also used a couple of bombs and axes to finish off the first boss because explosions and destruction are fun (and those items are pretty inexpensive).


My team this time:

  • Shredder Kiril +20
  • Onatel +9
  • C. Justice 4^80
  • Sartana +18
  • Krampus +11

Compared to last time, Krampus is now maxed with emblems, and Onatel got two more talents. Also, I decided not to care about Ulmer’s debuff and swap in Kiril’s costume version for Wizard Melendor. Krampus may absorb Ulmer’s shot, and if not, I have antidotes.

Mob waves were unremarkable. Fired Krampus at every opportunity to spawn minions and reduce the need for healing. Entered the bosses with all specials charged and targeted Ulmer. Costume Justice still kinda sucks, but with Krampus’ attack up and Kiril’s defense down, the color advantage from her yellow tiles is noticeable. As predicted, Krampus caught Ulmer’s special; how do you like that undispelable defense up, punk? :slight_smile: Balthazar and Quintus ganged up on Sartana for the kill, but otherwise the fight went well, and I’m pleased to have at least some use for my only five-star costume to date.

Sorcerer emblems take Krampus up a node. Not enough wizard emblems for Onatel’s next node. Trainer to Fura.


I’m using this team for a while. It’s simple team really, except Mitsuko, other heroes quite easily obtainable. And it works fine.

In final fight of last stage (Balthazar, Quintus, Ulmer) of course having all heroes mana charged before the final fight, I try to charge Ulmer and get Mitsuko’s reflect right when he fires, so he hurts himself, then I use Proteus and the rest of heroes’ skills and kill them all pretty much with tiles. while their mana is stopped. Easy enough, I don’t think I ever had a need to use any item on this trial.

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Her A stat bonus over her base form is great. 240% at over 700 A value is solid I think. Compared to Onatel who is in the low 600’s. Granted, her special is better.

What does base Justice with costume bonus look like? I don’t necessarily like her costume special. She becomes Guardian Owl more or less. I think I would still use base form with costume bonus. I bet she has more than SOME use. Justice is a benchmark of most my legendary events teams (I go for completion). I love that blind :+1:

Ugh, her and I are not tight. Let me know if you find a great use for her besides tile damage dead or alive.


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Her A value is enough for her to make the fifth slot on my mono yellow team, but her special almost never does anything impressive.

Don’t know yet. Leveled the costume first, since it goes faster. Then took a detour to level Guillinbursti. Yes, I expect base form to be more useful, once she’s ready.

Will do. I was basically down to her or Stonecleave in purple, and I decided her healing debuff had more potential.

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Not to get too far off topic, but the healing debuff is a cool mechanic that is supposed to be a counter, to some degree, to overheal. That being said the way the mechanic is implemented falls WAY short.

Look at what Fura or Almur do to drop your overall HP. Maybe Aldridge does too? Then look at how much Gullinbursti, Heimdall, c-Kashhrek, or Grevle generate in a turn. The odds of Fura or Almur generating enough health reduction to cancel out even one turn of the overhealers in a match is slim. Certainly wouldn’t be the norm. It isn’t uncommon though for the overhealers to fire more than once either, exacerbating that discrepancy.

The way the mechanic is now the health reduction simply happens. It isn’t something to plan around or really be worried about, where as overheal certainly be. Just kind of disappointed in that because it could be really cool . Anyway …

Magnanimous? @Sarah2



Oh, I agree about the HP reduction. Almur has it, and I use him a lot. It doesn’t do anything, basically. The only time I ever notice it is when Alfrike casts it on me. I was talking about Fura’s 50% reduction to healing for however many turns. That seemed like it could be situationally useful, at least more than Stonecleave’s ghost form.

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