[Master Discussion] - Trainer Troops

Trainer Troops are now arrived to the live game.

Right now they are only available as a free gift offer from Black Friday Summon.
(Do not forget to collect them until 2021-11-26T07:00:00Z )

They do no have a specific element, and they can not be used in battle so they can be used for feeding other troops only.

- Rare Trainer Troop Uncommon Trainer Troop Common Trainer Troop
XP 700 270 100
Usual XP
(non trainer)
200 90 40

There’s nothing more to say - just great addition to the game. The main question is, how can they be obtained in the future.


I am not really sure what I expected, but if these guys are meant to address the struggle with leveling the troops then it’s not much really. All depends how they are going to be obtained in the future. Hopefully we’ll get to see more than 2 per month or as part of expensive offers only.


Some additional free source for these would be good. (Some Quest or adding it to some loot with odds)

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We’ll need them in Hero Academy too


any idea where they will be added? hopefully just as a lower percentage draw in ETT?

I think Magic Tower would be a good idea, given it did not offer any extra troop like Ninja tower did.

But if that’s the case, I don’t see anyone trying to pull on Ninjas anymore.

We’ll see I guess. I’ll hold on to my ETTs for time being. Not in desperate need of troop feeders anyway, all my food goes to max the new heroes :confused:


i’ve got my top troops to 25-27, so do need the feeders to get them to 29, then 2nd and 3rd to 23. not working on heros at the moment, getting poseidon-c to 3/70 but no rush as i need darts (wolfgang and motega one right after another can do that). #FirstWorldProblems

the XP isn’t a huge boost, it’s nice to use on whatever color, but given they aren’t out of this world XP, hopefully they are just in the reg troop portal

where can we get trainer trops? can we manufacture or buy? is it just one time or will it come again later?

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I was waiting for a new kind of troop in the Magic tower. In my imagination, it would be similar to the ninja, but focused on tanks.
Instead of raising the attack a lot and ignoring defense, it would raise the defense and give a chance to reduce the damage received by 50%

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The ninja troop uses a class talent… Could do something similar but a magical type (sorcerer for chance to slow target Mana would be kinda interesting)

Disappointed with those troops. Used all of them at once and they filled like half of my level 19 yellow mana… I expected a higher boost.

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I actually wonder where they can put these, i don’t know if in the ETT portal, whether magic (or ninja) would be suitable. If i got a 1* trainer troop worth 100xp from a troop token that normally gives at least 200xp, i would be kinda p.o.'ed.

Maybe the 1* and 2* go in the reg summon portal and the 3* (and i thought there was a 4*?) goes in the troop portal (hopefully year round, rather than just magic tower)

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If we follow trainer hero path, we shouldn’t expect the trainer troops to be available in portals. Having a chance to get them from titan and mission loots should be a good start. But, more importantly, why do we have to guess information on something already live? Come on @Staff_SGG


yes finally something good for players, levelilng troops is total disaster

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